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The Seattle scooter Sharing program has reached an important milestone and is headed to the Seattle City Council

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We've come a long way (and a lot of changes) since we announced our plan to move forward with the steps needed to bring scooters to Seattle.

After an ongoing dialogue with the community, we came up with a plan to ensure that our scooter-sharing program is safe, fair and accessible.In May, the Seattle hearing inspector approved our plan for an environmental review, and on Wednesday, August 19, we will present our plan for a scooter sharing program to the city Council.We hope to launch the pilot programme this autumn.

With the return of Bike Share this summer, we will continue to explore ways to help people move around safely and sustainably, especially during COVID-19 and into recovery.Currently, the transportation challenges we face are enormous, but, as we have seen globally, Shared sustainable options (such as bikes and scooters) provide another resource that can ease congestion, encourage long-distance travel and reduce driving.

The Seattle scooter Sharing program has reached an important milestone and is headed to the Seattle City Council

The transportation industry has changed fundamentally since the idea of scooter sharing was introduced, and we have a plan in place to address these changes.As we enter the third phase of the scooter Sharing pilot program (see figure below), we are confident that scooters can adapt to our COVID-19 recovery and help address the travel challenges caused by the closure of the West Seattle Viaduct.

The environmental review was completed in May and was fully approved to move forward.In July, we invited Scooters Incorporated to submit an application for a license to operate in Seattle.

We've received interest from nine scooter sharing companies who want to work with us and bring scooters to Seattle as early as this fall.If the city council allows us to move forward, we will start small to make sure it goes smoothly by allowing three of the companies to operate up to 500 scooters and, if things go well, up to 2,000 each in the future

We believe that scooter share could add to Seattle's already strong transportation system and provide people with more travel options.Seattle launched the nation's first free-floating bike-sharing program in 2017, and ridership continued to grow last year.