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Cenex reported that local authorities must play an active role in the deployment of electric scooters

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A report by Cenex concluded that local authorities must start playing an active role in the deployment of electric scooters to maximize their benefits.

Electric scooters are an active and sustainable way to travel, reducing congestion, shortening travel times in city centres and producing less CO 2 than alternative forms of transport.

According to the study, 58 per cent of cars in the UK drive less than five miles, while 69 per cent in an urban environment drive less than three miles.Congestion also costs an average of 178 hours a year at a cost of £8bn.Cenex's data highlights the opportunity for electric scooters to replace cars, as the report indicates that electric scooters can reduce CO 2 emissions by 66-90% in urban alternative car travel.

"Local authorities need to take an active role in deploying scooters in their areas, with regulations for operators to ensure that scooters meet both their ambitions and the needs of their citizens."Technical expert of Cenex."It is clear that electric scooters will continue to exist and operators are committed to continuous improvement for the benefit of the environment and society.Although the electric scooter is still in its infancy, it already offers a real, affordable green solution for downtown car use that will only improve over time.

Cenex reported that local authorities must play an active role in the deployment of electric scooters

But without proper enforcement, regulation and regulations, Cenex warns that electric scooters could completely disrupt transport networks.In addition, they claim that distributing them before legislation is enacted will inevitably lead to safety concerns and possible accidents.

Public authorities are therefore encouraged to work with private operators from the outset to effectively integrate electric scooters into transport systems, where they complement, rather than compete with, active travel and public transport.Local knowledge should also be Shared to identify key sites to deploy to ensure a high proportion of car trips such as car and train stations, universities and tourist attractions.

Trials of electric scooters in the UK began in June 2020 to allow the government to assess their benefits and impact on public space.The scooters can be bought online in the UK for anywhere from £100 to more than £1,000.

Although you can buy electric scooters in the UK, you are not legally allowed to ride on public roads, bike paths or pavements in the UK.Use only on private land without the permission of the landowner.