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An Irish start-up has won approval for a trial of electric scooters in the UK

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Zipp Mobility, an Irish start-up, has confirmed that its electric scooter model has been approved by the UK department for Transport for trials across the UK.

The UK government recently announced plans to accelerate trials of the electric scooter rental scheme as part of its urban strategy to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic by exploring less congested and green modes of transport.

Now, in collaboration with scooter companies such as Zipp Mobility, electric scooter-sharing schemes are being allowed in all UK regions.

The company is currently working with a number of councils to obtain a license for electric scooters.

An Irish start-up has won approval for a trial of electric scooters in the UK

Zipp was designed with safety in mind, the company says, with an aircraft-class aluminum frame, 10-inch airless tires, replaceable batteries, double braking, a wide base and a low center of gravity.

The scooters are also equipped with nano-anti-corrosion handlebars, which the company says can reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission by 99.98 per cent.

Zipp Mobility, founded in 2019 by 24-year-old Charlie Gleeson, is based at the University College Dublin Centre for New Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship.

"Obtaining DfT approval is a great encouragement to the goals we are pursuing at Zipp," said Charlie Gleeson, CHIEF Executive Officer, Zipp Mobility.

"This not only confirms our confidence in the safety of electric scooters, but also reaffirms that our offer to provide a more sustainable, responsible and transparent approach to the industry has been welcomed by the authorities.The DfT's approval shows our willingness to help local authorities address issues that limit the real potential of electric scooters as a means of urban mobility in the future."

He added,In June, Zipp Mobility completed a €300,000 investment and expanded its team into electric scooters in the UK.