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Apollo Pro scooter: Can reach 40 MPH

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Not all electric scooters are created equal.There are short trips in the last mile commute, and then there are more advanced models that can even replace cars for local trips.The Apollo Pro scooter falls into the latter category.It starts at $1,849 (£1,505, or $3,080), far more than a last mile scooter.

Apollo Pro scooter: Can reach 40 MPH

This is not something you carry with you; it is a place brought to you.It has a top speed of 40 MPH (64 KPH), although my personal best is 35 MPH.High speed can be achieved due to dual 1,000 watt motors.The 10-inch inflatable wheels, double-spring shock absorbers and wide handlebars absorb the shock from the ground, so the ride is unusually smooth.

Fully charged, Apollo Pro has a rated range of less than 50 miles - well above the average 10-15 mile range of the last-mile model.Reaching this range depends on your riding style, terrain, wind power, and the rider's weight.My preferred mode of cycling is a single motor.But when I need extra power to climb a mountain or pass someone on the street, I relive the days of Knight Rider, when Michael will activate KITT's Turbo booster, press the second motor button, and Apollo takes off.

Apollo Pro scooter: Can reach 40 MPH

The ability to dynamically engage and detach the second motor is great.There's also an "environmental" button that limits your top speed to extend battery life on long trips.In dual motor Eco mode, I reached a top speed of about 17mph and the acceleration felt smoother.I prefer the Eco's single-motor shutdown, which allows me to reach speeds of about 30mph.This scooter has a lot of torque in dual motor mode, and you'll use its back pedal to avoid shaking around.It has a top speed of 15mph for the first gear, 28mph for the second, and 40mph for the third.Out of the box, scooters can go from full speed to 15mph in 2.8 seconds.

The scooter also has cruise control, which turns it on and off.You'll need a manual to access and browse other Settings, but the rider can also adjust LCD brightness, off time (by default, the scooter will turn off if it's left idle for five minutes) and electronic braking strength.It can also be converted from kilometers to miles, and it can even reset the odometer.

Apollo Pro scooter: Can reach 40 MPH

I've recently flown more than 300 miles on Apollo Pro, specifically driving it to avoid mass transit in New York during coronavirus lockdown.In doing so, I got caught in the rain several times, and the scooter handled beautifully when it got frustrated.The rear fender doesn't wrap around the wheels enough to prevent water from spraying on you.I ended up wearing rain pants when the road was wet, but the bike was safe in the rain with an IP54 rating.

Apollo Pro scooter: Can reach 40 MPH

The tail light blinks when you hit the brakes.For urban use, I suggest you add your own lights and good speakers to the handlebars.Of course, you'll need at least a helmet and gloves for protection.

The scooter can be charged for 10 hours on a standard charger, and the fast charger or two standard chargers for 5 hours.(Yes, there are two charging ports on the scooter deck.)It is powered by a 52V 22.5AH LG battery and has a dedicated display that displays the rider's battery voltage to track the condition of the vehicle.It also has a keystart ignition, making it at least slightly more secure against theft.But I'll keep an eye on it.It weighed 80 pounds, but they could still tow it if they really wanted to.

Apollo Pro scooter: Can reach 40 MPH

From one wheel to another, the pedals are 51 inches long and the handlebars are 52 inches high or 21 inches when folded.The standing deck is 19 inches long and 9 inches wide.Large standing boards make it easy to place feet side by side or interleaved.It supports riders up to 330 pounds.

I would like to see a wider steering tube in the next model to ensure stability.The broad base holds the large battery, and sometimes you'll find yourself getting off the curb on a handlebar scooter.

The model I tested had dual disc hydraulic brakes, which were an upgrade.Other upgrade options include quick chargers that cut charging time in half, and winter or honeycomb airless tires.Apollo Pro's base price is $1,849, with free shipping to the U.S. and Canada.As of this writing, it will begin shipping on April 15.

Commuting using Apollo Pro makes my (almost) ubiquitous downtown supply fun.Scooters are fast, responsive and ideal for the bumpy streets of New York.It handles turns well without having to worry about losing traction.