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CakeOsa, a Swedish electric motorcycle, won the Red Dot design award

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Nowadays, it seems that everyone and their brother are designing a new electric motorcycle, which is great for the sport and the environment.Still, the proliferation of these brands makes it hard to distinguish high-end products from really good hardware, you know?That's why it's so important for Swedish bike maker Cake to win the Red Dot award.

The Red Dot award (there are three awards) is an international design award given to designers and companies for outstanding product design, marketing and packaging or design concepts with such a high reputation that past winners have been referred to as "winners".Not sure how much of this is PR rotation, but at least effective PR rotation will benefit Cake.

Once again.

That's right - this isn't Cake's first red dot award.This was Cake's second place and won the championship in 2019 and 2020.In other words: It's time to take a serious look at the Cake Motorbike.

CakeOsa, a Swedish electric motorcycle, won the Red Dot design award

The 2019 award is the Cake Kalk, a minimalist electric scooter with a "Ikea DirtBike" aesthetic and a top speed of 30 MPH or 60 MPH, depending on the version you buy.It's a sleek, modern design (see photo gallery below), and it's so effective that the Gear Patrol guys call it "an ideal bike for beginners"...And read the comments. It's hard to agree.

The 2020 Red Dot award winner above is CakeOsa.Osa has what Cake calls a "workbench" aesthetic for people who really want to work (even if not seriously play) with this small electric scooter.To this end, electric bikes are designed for bags, baskets, shelves, tools, lights, and anything else you can clip or bolt to a sturdy, sturdy frame.Just like you can like, like or like little Baby, this emotion indicates that it has won an international design award.

CakeOsa, a Swedish electric motorcycle, won the Red Dot design award

Stockholm, Sweden - CAKE, a Swedish maker of light electric motorcycles, announced today that its utilitarian motorcycle and scooter Osa has been named the winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award.This is the second time CAKE has won this prestigious award in the car and Motorcycle category.In 2019, CAKE won for its first performance-oriented model, Kalk;In 2020, they were pleased to receive the Osa award for modular, multi-purpose motorcycle and scooter platform.

The distinction of red dot has become one of the best design marks recognized internationally.The Red Dot jury is made up of about 40 international experts who test, discuss and evaluate each entry on site and on site.The jury only rewards products that are well designed.

"Given what is happening in the world right now with this terrible epidemic, now is not the time for celebration.But we have to say that we are very honored to be recognized by the Red Dot jury.""Said CAKE CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn."Like everyone on the Red Dot team, we are a group of colleagues and associated suppliers, manufacturers and partners who have gone beyond the present and accused us of understanding the current predicament much later than we do now.This award gives each of us more energy to do.Borrow money from the Hamilton family. "Straight through!"

CakeOsa, a Swedish electric motorcycle, won the Red Dot design award

CAKE's all-electric motorcycle is designed to inspire people to contribute to accelerating the realization of a zero-emission society through a combination of excitement and responsibility, designed specifically for exploration and discovery.The first model, Kalk OR, made its debut at the Outdoor Retail Trade Show in Denver in January 2018, was recognized as the "best exhibitor" by a number of outdoor trade publications, and has since received a lot of praise.The latest design Osa was launched in November 2019 and has won numerous awards, including the 2020 IF Design Award and The Gear Junkie for Best display at outdoor retailers.

In addition to being a lightweight, clean, and quiet electric scooter, Osa is motivated by the diversity of work and customer needs, as well as providing services for new modes of transportation to accelerate the realization of a zero-emission future.

Osa's design is heavily influenced by the workbench and features a large gray horizontal bar that extends from under the seat.This modular clipping system is at the heart of Osa, enabling users to connect baskets, bags, tools, and more to create over 1,000 different possible configurations.

Thanks to a powerful battery with multiple sockets, Osa can double as a power station on wheels, allowing riders to be completely independent and off the grid.Whether it's charging power tools for a carpenter building a cabin, or performing cleaning in cities around the world, delivering last-mile packages/restaurant delivery services, the possibilities for self-supporting exploration and enterprise development are limitless.