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Why is changing electricity another pole of the growth of the e-bike industry? What is an electrical change?

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Electric vehicles do not need to be charged, but directly through the replacement of the battery to meet the goal of battery life, such a "car and battery separated" mode of battery life, known as "electric change".In this mode, the user cost is relatively low.In fact, the electric changing mode was originally proposed not for two-wheel electric vehicles, but four-wheel electric vehicles.However, the current mode is more active in the two-wheel travel industry -- because, from the perspective of business model, compared with four-wheel travel, the market demand of the two-wheel travel is more urgent and the investment return cycle is shorter.

Change electricity: the new national standard popular booster

Why is changing electricity another pole of the growth of the e-bike industry? What is an electrical change?

2019 is the year of the official arrival of the new NATIONAL standard era, and the first year of power conversion.The arrival of new national standards, the collision between market and policy, the iteration of technology and products, the accumulation of industrial power, the integration and subversion of traditional products and models.Under the technical background of product iterative updating, the new national standard policy and electrical changing mode are mutually beneficial.Under the new national standard policy, the whole market turns to lithium battery, which also brings systematic dividends and new development opportunities to the industry.There are hundreds of millions of two-wheeled electric vehicles in the market. Driven by user demand upgrading, new national standards and regulatory policies, hundreds of billions of yuan of energy demand will be exploded.In the same way, the mode of electricity conversion also promotes the education and promotion of the new national standards.

Power conversion: enabling industrial chain transformation and upgrading

Under the background of industrial upgrading and green China policy, the two rotating power is closely following the development trend of The Times.Green energy market is still in the primary stage of development, energy innovation in electric mode as a start and influence the development of the industry business model, and through change to level to activate the chain up and down as the core of the industrial chain, to drive the industry transformation or forward, help build a more healthy pattern of industrial ecology and development.

Why is changing electricity another pole of the growth of the e-bike industry? What is an electrical change?

Electrical change: Provide industry service innovation path

With the deep integration of Internet and traditional industries, the development of electric vehicle industry has ushered in a new opportunity.Industry from the current "sales + service" model, and gradually to the "service + + experience + operation" direction, especially using information tools to manage customers, socialized service marketing is particularly important, "car electric separation, sharing in electricity" mode will be more test industry participants for electric bicycle ground operations and service ability.

In the era of sharing economy and instant delivery economy, the "car-electric separation" electricity exchange mode is more suitable for the consumption habits of mass users in the Internet era. O2O consumption, such as takeout, express delivery and running errands, has become a part of our daily consumption.In particular, the coVID-19 outbreak this year has further catalyzed the growth of just-in-time distribution business, directly stimulating the surge of demand of b-terminal just-in-time delivery service personnel in the use of electric vehicles and the mileage of electric vehicles.At the same time, in the post-epidemic era, the travel demand for safety and health has further stimulated the c-end users to choose the two-wheeled electric vehicle market.In addition, with the popularity and development of Shared electric bikes, the mode of electricity exchange is more able to cater to the consumption habits and use experience of Shared travel users.