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Unagi won CNET’s best all-around electric scooter with a 25% savings

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Public transport is great when there is no coronavirus pandemic.At the moment, the idea of stepping on a bus or train seems risky at best, if not downright dangerous.However, if you need to do a certain job or have other urgent needs to travel locally, it may be time to consider a personal form of transportation, such as an electric scooter.

Unagi did well, in fact, the company's E450 earned the nod for CNET's best all-electric scooter.Discounts are rare, but within a limited time, Cheapskate readers can use promotional code Cnet25off to save 25 percent on the Unagi Model One pedal car.This allows the company to offer the lowest prices.

Suitable for E250 single motor and E500 double motor models, the latter is higher than the E450 obtained as the preferred above.They come in four colors, although you can pay extra for a limited edition premium design and even choose your own colors for handlebars, pipes and decks.

Unagi won CNET's best all-around electric scooter with a 25% savings

The cheapest option is the standard color E250, which will drop to $630 when the promotional code is applied.The benchmark E450 is $742.50.If you normally ride on a level surface, choose the former;If the mountain is part of your trip, choose the latter.

Both models have integrated horns and headlights, anti-lock brakes and 7.5-inch stab-resistant tires.You can choose from three speed modes, depending on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider.The Unagi promises a range of 15.5 miles;Charging time is 4-5 hours.

There is no doubt that this is a premium electric scooter, but this discount makes it a more affordable option - and an alternative to renting out scooters for potential bacteria.

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