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Review of seven foldable electric scooters: recommend only one model

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You don't necessarily need four wheels to switch to battery-powered driving.No, we're not talking electric scooters: Stiftung Warentest has just passed road-approved tests of seven foldable electric scooters - and the results are sobering.

Electric scooters came into the spotlight last summer when they were legalised under certain framing conditions.They are known mainly through firms such as Tier or Lime, which lend short-term money to their peers in public places.

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But electric scooters are also suitable for everyday personal use, as many of them, for example, can be folded up and used for the last few metres from a tram.But are these devices useful for something?Stiftung Warentest wants to find it now.

Seven scooters priced between 350 and 1,170 euros were tested

A total of seven electric scooters must be tested by Stiftung Warentest.Cost: 350 to 1,170 euros.

First, they must undergo practical tests, in which they must master asphalt, gravel, dirt roads, cobblestones and the journey on curves, kerbs and slopes.

Review of seven foldable electric scooters: recommend only one model

Flat ground is not the main problem with any scooter, but on some uneven roads, the fun is over.Brakes also create uncertainty everywhere: in one model, the front brakes were applied late and suddenly, and underpowered brakes were installed on a total of three electric scooters.

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For some models, a pressure test on a test bench with a rotating drum with a bumper is a good thing.Two of the scooters were irreparably damaged.At 550 and 815 respectively, they are not even the cheapest models.

Of the seven collapsible scooters, all but two failed.Only electric scooters were rated "good."After all, one second is a "satisfied" score.The other five models were rated "poor" because of the fracture, poor braking of the handles and possible carcinogens in the handles.

Renting out electric scooters seems more powerful

The "good" test winner is called "Walberg The-Urban #BRLN V3" and The price starts at €869.00.In tests, its durability and good suspension were the most convincing.The folding mechanism works, but there is no lock or handle.In addition, the 15.3kg model is actually too heavy to be truly mobile.

Second place went to IO Hawk Sparrow-Legal, the cheapest scooter, which was tested at 350 euros.Scooters have at least achieved "mediocre" values in terms of driving behaviour and comfort, but have been criticised for their braking, which does not work well in wet conditions.The lack of locking when folding has also been criticized.

Nico Langenbeck, the project manager, concluded: "In general, the tested folding model looks stronger than non-folding electric scooters."