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Honda has developed an electric version of the mini that looks like a classic little bench

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Norway's transport minister wants tougher rules on electric scooter rental in Norwegian cities after a serious accident this summer.

In less than two years, electric scooters have changed the face of Norwegian cities.But because there are no rules, many scooters are left in places that cause harm to others, and the number of casualties is mounting.

Now Knut Arild Hareide, Norway's transport and communications minister, is calling for big cities, municipalities and scooter rental companies to meet.His goal is to set strict rules.

Hareide says he believes scooters will continue to exist and play a role in urban transportation.

But he believes the current situation is unsustainable.

"I want stricter legislation, we want better control over the use of electric scooters.I think people who use scooters and people who walk on the street are interested in it.They want it to be safer.""Harred told NRK.

Honda has developed an electric version of the mini that looks like a classic little bench

Suggestions for leasing companies

In response to Hareide's call, some of the companies that rent out scooters have come up with Suggestions.These include street patrols and low-speed restrictions in some areas.

Voi, Tier, Bolt, Bird, Lime and Wind have teamed up to put forward several initiatives for Oslo.

Ride favours similar measures in Bergen and Trondheim.

Some of the more interesting measures include using app-defined no-parking areas, forcing people to park elsewhere, and limiting the number of scooters in certain areas.The companies will also have their own patrols to remove improperly parked scooters.

How can cities help

But the industry is also asking for advice.Rental companies require municipalities to enforce driving rules when drunk.They also want dedicated parking Spaces, especially at public transport hubs.

Not every city has good relationships with rental companies.In Bergen, a legal battle is under way between the municipality and Ryde.

Riding rules for electric scooters

Electric scooters are defined as small electric vehicles with the same rules as regular bicycles.

That means it can ride on sidewalks, sidewalks, bike paths and highways.

Like cyclists, scooters users have a duty to yield to the bike when crossing a crosswalk.But if you get off, the bike should move over.

You can park on the sidewalk as long as it is not an unnecessary obstacle or inconvenience.

There is no obligation to wear a helmet, but the NAF encourages everyone to wear one.Finally, it is illegal to ride a bike while drunk.