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St. Petersburg has approved a plan to share electric scooters

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St. Petersburg may finally have electric scooters!On August 20th St Petersburg's city council will vote on an agreement that will allow two suppliers of scooters to take part in a pilot sharing scheme for electric scooters in the st Petersburg metropolitan area.Electric scooters will be deployed by two companies, Veo and Razor.

The discussion about scooter sharing began in 2018, when scooter sharing began to take the country by storm.But unlike many cities, St. Petersburg is in no rush to own electric scooters and is waiting for other cities to regulate them before deploying its own programs.

Last October st Petersburg's city council approved a decree that gave the green light to a pilot scheme for electric scooters and began the supplier application process.

Initially, electric scooters were expected to hit the streets in early 2020, but many micro-transport companies have been heavily affected by COVID-19, which has delayed their rollout in St Petersburg.

St. Petersburg has approved a plan to share electric scooters

Nonetheless, Veo and Razor are expected to deploy about 225 scooters each, or 450 in total.If successful, and depending on demand, we could see that number increase to 750 per unit.

Veo, a chicago-based subcompact car company, is expected to bring a model of its standing scooter to St. Petersburg.These scooters are traditional pedal-powered electric scooters that travel at 15 miles per hour and have a range of about 20 miles.The company operates in more than 16 cities across the country.

"Praise the leaders of the city of St Petersburg for the incredible work they have done in the due diligence process, in selecting the micro-transport partners that are best suited to the residents and riders of the region in terms of safety and operational excellence," said Shetty, CEO of Veo."We are eager to move forward and have the opportunity to serve the community with the safest electric scooters in the industry as soon as possible."

Razor, the company behind your Razor scooter as a child, is expected to bring a new concept for St. Pete's sit-mounted electric scooter.Like the standing electric scooter, the Razor scooter will run at 15 miles per hour and 20 miles per hour, but will have comfortable seats and oversized tires for smoother ride.

To make the scooter more practical, it will also be equipped with a small basket and brake lights.

The frame of the seated scooter is larger than that of the upright scooter, which provides a safer, more comfortable ride for cyclists and allows them to travel longer.The company now operates in 14 markets across the country, including Orlando.

Both electric scooters cost $1 to start and then about $0.30 a minute.

If you're worried about security - don't worry.Based on observations of other cities' scooter-sharing programs, St. Petersburg has imposed a number of restrictions on electric scooters.

For example, electric scooters are not allowed on sidewalks and are limited to streets with a speed limit of 30 MPH or less.While scooters are generally allowed on bike paths and trails, they are prohibited on the city's crowded waterfront trails.They will also be banned from the docks.
St. Petersburg has approved a plan to share electric scooters

In addition, riders will be required to park electric scooters in designated areas, which will be managed by the city to ensure they don't mess around on sidewalks.The city is expected to design and deploy scooter locations within the city limits.

Electric scooters have been over a year in Tampa, and many of us at Burger are waiting anxiously for them.Personally, I was excited to get on my scooter and drive through downtown St. Pete.

I'm not the only one!Electric scooters have even caused a stir in St Petersburg's city council.

"I recently tested the electric scooter program in Tampa, and Was surprised by how stable and convenient they found it," said Gina Driscoll, a city council member. "I'm glad to offer another fun and relaxing way to get around in St. Petersburg."

Mr. Driscoll and other members of the city council are expected to vote on the deal with Veo and Razor on Aug. 20.If approved, the electric scooters could be approved in late September or early October.

For more information about the St. Petersburg electric scooter sharing program, see the Aug. 20 city Council agenda.