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NHS staff in London are offered free e-bikes to avoid travelling on public transport

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Kristina Stifter, global communications director for PTV Group, explained how electric scooters, ride service and autonomous driving and how research shows the potential of new types of travel services.

Cities around the world, such as Singapore, New York and Hamburg, are testing automated shuttle service.While these self-driving minibuses still have only a very limited degree of independence, experts agree that they offer many opportunities for public transportation.The German research project LEA (Mini) Bus, funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, focuses on the conditions necessary to convert these self-driving shuttle-vehicles from experimental operation to normal operation.

Under the guidance of mobile experts at the PTV Group, the research team articulates the topic from every Angle: from the status quo and current obstacles, all the way to the necessary technological complexity.From the design and legal aspects of infrastructure, to the operation and efficiency of different areas, all the way to social recognition.

The scientist went even further, and dared to use virtual simulations to analyze the deployment possibilities in urban and rural areas and look into the future.After overcoming all the obstacles, what does regular operation look like?

NHS staff in London are offered free e-bikes to avoid travelling on public transport

The simulation is able to demonstrate that the use of autonomous vehicles in public transport, especially light buses, opens up many new possibilities for designing more flexible services and organizing operations.In addition, compared with current public transport, it can significantly reduce operating costs under certain conditions.

This is particularly true in rural areas where demand is weak and there is great potential for fully automated and on-demand transport.In an urban environment, it can be well served in remote areas and time.

But research also shows that operations can quickly become inefficient when demand is high and opportunities for bundled travel are limited.As a result, large fleets will be needed

Whether in large cities or rural communities, the key is always the actual conditions on the site.

Simulation plays a decisive role here.

Can new modes of transport contribute to sustainable transport?

NHS staff in London are offered free e-bikes to avoid travelling on public transport

Another study by PTV Group, along with THE Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation ISI and consulting firm M-Five, focuses on the environmental friendliness of new forms of travel.Over the past few years, electric scooters, car-sharing or ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft have really taken over our cities.

The assessment clearly shows that new travel concepts must be considered in their entirety in order to achieve significant climate and environmental impacts.In addition to promoting new travel services, routine, non-motorized and public transport must be strengthened and linked to new travel services.Private cars must become less attractive.From their analysis, the research team came up with specific action recommendations to encourage new travel products as part of the integrated travel concept.

PTV Group ensures efficient, safe and sustainable travel and transportation

There is a strong demand for the latest technology in the global mobile space.Germany-based software company PTV Group is recognized as a global market leader in a holistic approach that brings together all aspects of transportation, transportation and logistics to create and promote sustainable mobility.PTV's smart software solutions are already being used in more than 2,500 cities.Plans to use the company's tools to travel and route more than 1 million vehicles.

Looking to the future is a core principle of PTV solutions.Cities, companies, and people can save time and money, improve road safety, and minimize environmental impact with software that provides specific predictions and computes exact solutions and business solutions.