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China’s electric bikes are booming again, with exports soaring 4950%, with The U.S. and Europe scrambling

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Is affected by the global health events, all countries in the world to take a lot of different measures, but neither which country's citizens, now basically all don't dare to public transit bus subway, because now to take the risk of these vehicles will indeed is bigger, so the electric bicycle and bike can fire up at this time, and the Chinese production of electric vehicles is quickly occupied the global market.

Electric bicycles and bicycles are catching on abroad

Now although there are a lot of countries are preliminary control yourself domestic situation, all countries are gradually began to return to work and production, but now in addition to our country's national, other countries is still not much this kind of public transport, bus and subway because it is still not optimistic in other countries, so this time on the dangers of this kind of public transport is very high, then the advantage of electric vehicles and bicycles is out.

China's electric bikes are booming again, with exports soaring 4950%, with The U.S. and Europe scrambling

Many countries also began to encourage domestic in this public use of electric bicycles and bicycles go out, Italy and France also special subsidies for local residents to buy electric bicycles, Germany and the United States also set up special electric vehicle travel channel, but although these countries made a lot of relevant supporting policies, but their domestic related industry production efficiency and technology could not meet their demands.

Chinese electric bicycles dominate the global market

Again at this time in our country is to consolidate the position of himself as a "world factory", because our country population is more, is only part of the domestic transportation cannot meet the demand of people, so the electric bicycle and bike is a very popular travel tools in our country, the domestic production technology of electric vehicles and bicycles than many other countries, so the people from abroad have crazy place an order to buy electric bicycles in China.

China's electric bikes are booming again, with exports soaring 4950%, with The U.S. and Europe scrambling

Russia's tram imports surged by 4950%

On July 27, Russian media reported that 1.5 million Dao electric bicycles from China will be delivered to Russia, and in the first two quarters of this year, the number of electric bicycles exported to Russia through Inner Mongolia jumped by 4950% compared with the same period last year, indicating the popularity of Chinese-made electric bicycles in Russia.

In addition to Russia, the United States and other countries in Europe have also placed a large number of orders to our country, especially in the field of bicycles. China's bicycle export has occupied about 70% of the global bicycle export market, and now many countries in the world have been inseparable from the bicycle produced by Our country.

Before, other countries had little demand for electric vehicles, so they did not pay much attention to the development of electric vehicles. However, it is different in China, which is a very common means of transportation in China.But although the electric bicycle travel is very convenient, we ride it to go out must obey the traffic rules, pay attention to safety, after all, the road is very dangerous.