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The electric scooter was launched in Yonkers in August, becoming New York State’s first electric scooter pilot program

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As part of a yearlong program, electric scooters will be expanded to Yonkers this summer, making the city New York's first pilot program for electric scooters.

As part of the deal, Bird, a scooter sharing company, will deploy as many as 200 scooters in August in the downtown waterfront and other areas of Yonkers in southwest China.

Up to 500 more scooters could be added to meet high demand, officials said in a statement announcing the partnership.

The electric scooter was launched in Yonkers in August, becoming New York State's first electric scooter pilot program

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said, "The partnership with Bird will provide residents and visitors with an easy and convenient way to travel while being affordable, reliable and fun."

Using the Bird smartphone app, riders can see the nearest Bird scooter on a map, unlock it, complete a safety tutorial, and ride directly to their desired destination.

After the trip, riders park their scooters on sidewalks or on unmarked streets, officials said.They then used the app to take pictures of the scooter to make sure it was parked properly.

The fee for Bird is $1 / min to start.Bird also offers a low-income access plan, including an unlimited 30-minute ride for just $5 a month, for anyone who has signed up or is eligible for state or federal assistance programs.