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The 2020 “most series” of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

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If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint from driving, or just want to avoid more than just walking, faster powered Rideables like scooters, electric scooters, and other high-tech adult riding convenience, environmentally friendly options can help you easily roam around town.

Here are some of the lessons I've learned from testing different types of bikeable rides with and without seats, often commuting through the busiest parts of Midtown Manhattan, near Central Park or on the west side of the highway bike lanes.With the exception of the Swagtron EB5 e-bikes, all of the products on this list have variable driving modes, meaning they have different gears or electric power levels.In most cases, the top speed on each device will increase with more advanced Settings, which will eat up battery life - keeping a close eye on the battery is crucial.

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

I have provided a waterproof (IP) rating.The IP level represents intrusion protection and lets you know the dustproof or waterproof properties of the product.For example, if a product has a protection rating of IP54, the first number after the letter refers to resistance to solids, while the second number refers to moisture resistance.Learn more in our IP-level interpreter.

Also, we don't have to spend a lot of money, but I'm out of the weight capacity of most of these products.For the most part, they are still performing as expected, albeit at a smaller range or speed.In this review, no equipment was harmed.

Finally, if you are going to ride a car, take note of this.On a plain old human-powered bike and pedal bike, leave enough space between yourself and the car and the rider.Remember, you can go faster, so take extra care when cycling.Make sure to charge the battery and check the tires.And, most importantly, make sure you wear a helmet when you ride a bike.

Best for adult and sexy electric scooters 

Revs up: $1,599

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

The Winery was famous that year for its electric scooter, but now it has entered the market thanks to the Battery-powered Rev, the most advanced of the vehicles.This smooth ride features a powerful twin 1,500-watt engine and inflated 9-inch tires, with a top speed of 24 MPH.Because of its power and speed, it's best suited for an adult scooter rather than a kid-friendly scooter, although if you're looking for a kid-friendly scooter, there are plenty of options.

The Rev (and its inflatable tires), at $1,599, can support a 250-pound rider, 30 pounds heavier than any other scooter on this list, making it the best electric scooter for a heavyweight.Bonus: For those with large feet, the boards should be wide enough to be side-by-side.

The best electric scooter on a modest budget 

Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite: $299

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

The Swagtron5 is the cheapest product on this list, which is its best feature.The performance of this foldable electric scooter isn't better than any of the products mentioned here, but at $299, it's hard to complain that it isn't the best electric scooter on the market.It only has a 250-watt motor that doesn't generate much torque, but can run smoothly at 14 to 16 MPH.Fully charged batteries list a range of about 11 miles, and lithium-ion batteries will be recharged in 3.5 hours.The maximum supported weight is 320 pounds, and the electric scooter weighs 26 pounds.Although it supports larger riders, your take-off and tilting speeds may be slow due to its low-power electric motors.It might also run out of charge more quickly.

The best long-distance electric scooter 

Ninebot by Segway ES4:769 usd

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

The ES4 scooter is located on top of the Segway consumer scooter chain and is equipped with secondary batteries, making long or long rides easy.It can go 28 miles on a single charge, and the motor can reach a top speed of 18 MPH (which I was able to do).The folding point of this electric scooter is different from other folding points in this review.The entire front column folds down, rotates and folds completely.To brake, I shift my weight back to the rear wheels and press down on the spoiler brakes while pressing on the handlebars (these are anti-lock brakes), but the front fork doesn't bend too much, as you would feel on other pedals.There are also shock absorbers to help with shock absorption when driving on bumpy roads.

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

The dual-battery model weighs just over 30 pounds and can support a rider weighing up to 220 pounds.The scooter has good power and can produce 300 to 800 watts, depending on the riding mode.A single charge takes longer than the average, about 7 hours.It can also be used as an old plug and play scooter if you run out of battery life and don't have time to recharge.It also has some customizable LED lights under the deck between the tires.These and other Settings can be adjusted in iOS and Android apps.

Best all-around electric scooter 

Unagi E450: $990

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

The Unagi E450 is the most fully functional scooter in the product range, making it the best all-around electric scooter to ride.It combines appearance, performance, motors, tires, battery life and ease of use all in one.It turns its head, comes in four colors for its aluminum and carbon fiber frame (we tried sea salt and Cosmic Blue), and has a nice LCD display and LED headlights on the handlebars.The powerful dual motors (200 watt for the front and 250 watt for the rear) guarantee a top speed of 15.5 MPH - I can get up to 16 MPH on flat surfaces.The scooter itself weighs just over 24 pounds and can hold a rider who weighs 220 pounds.There is a push-latch foldable handle for easy portability.Scooters have a range of 15 miles on a full lithium-ion battery, but battery life can vary depending on speed and single-motor or dual-motor modes.Its waterproof rating is IP54.The latest appearance change for the scooter is the spoiler rear brake, which is ideal for riding on the steep hills of San Francisco.

Speedmaster's best electric scooter 

Mercane Widewheel scooter: $1,199

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

Mercane Widewheel is the best electric scooter when it comes to motor power in the series.

Powered by a double 500-watt motor, it has a certain take-off power and torque.

Most models are locked to a top speed of 15 MPH, but there's an advanced mode where you can unlock its full battery power and drive it at 25 MPH (at your own risk).It has double suspension and weighs 50 pounds.It has a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge and supports drivers who weigh up to 220 pounds.The cycling deck is longer and wider than a regular scooter, so it's easy to keep your feet on the board.It has an IPX4 rating.

Scooters get their name from their 8 inch wide tires.The tyres are perfect for staying upright during cycling, but turning takes some getting used to.Unlike most honor system devices here, this one requires a key to boot.

Ideal for small Spaces and budgets

Swagtron EB5 Pro e-bike: $499

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

Ideal for commuters with limited storage space.The Swagtron EB5 Pro is a folding pedal powered bike electric motor, which also comes with its own throttles (so you really don't have pedals).On a full battery, it can go 15 miles at 15 MPH.This foldable e-bike has only one speed, so you can even turn off all electric functions and use it just like a regular bike.It weighs 37 pounds.The seats can support up to 264 pounds of riders, but when folded down, there's surprisingly little room to ride.

Best for high-end splurge

 Trek Super Commuter + 8S: $5,199

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

I decided to test a Trek Super Commuter + 8S in the 2019 TD 5 Boro bicycle tournament.First, I'd like to see how it performs as a regular seat bike.It was heavy. It weighed 54 pounds.I have to see how it resists some of the more fashionable bikes.Eleven speeds make it easy to maintain a comfortable pace.When I hit some slopes, the Bosch Performance Speed (350-watt motor integrated into the frame) worked well.

Eco is my preferred mode of assistance.It provides the least help of the four Settings, thus providing the best battery life over long distances.Bicycles have no throttle;Strictly speaking, pedal assist.Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo provide more fun for your ride, with the display showing the estimated range of the battery in each mode.The Trek pedal power matches RPM - the faster the crank turns, the Bosch system will gradually increase your speed to make these tires move.

In my daily commute around the city, I find myself riding the streets more than the bike lanes.I couldn't catch up with the other cyclists and the battery-powered delivery van.Fortunately, the Trek SC + 8 comes with a bell, reflector, rear lights and headlights, so hopefully they'll see (or hear) you coming on your commute.For those they don't, the S8 comes with 180cm hydraulic disc brakes that stop on a dime, and the wider tyres make the bumps in the road almost invisible.The S8 has an IP54 rating.

Best to avoid obstacles 

Single round of future sports: $950

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

At $950, Onewheel Pint is almost half the price of the larger Onewheel + XR, which costs $1,799.

It weighs 26 pounds.And supports riders up to 250 pounds.After a fully charged battery, the Pint can travel between six and eight miles, and the electric motor can reach a top speed of 16 MPH.It is more mobile than previous Onewheel and most other rideable devices.It handles slopes with ease and has headlights for backward movement when riding at night.The board is operated by moving the weight forward and backward to move forward and backward and by turning from heel to toe.

Perfect for perfect balance 

Kiwano KO1 Plus: $999

The 2020 'most series' of electric scooters and electric bikes is coming up

Of all the products on this list, Kiwano KO1 Plus is the one I've had the hardest time catching.It's kind of like a unicycle with an electric motor, and it has a very high natural learning curve.On a single charge, the KO1 Plus can go up to 12 MPH over a range of 12 miles.It's definitely a fun ride and a sturdy product with a sturdy structure that can carry a maximum weight of 250 pounds, but is better suited for adventurous passengers than your daily commuters.

Using the KO1 Plus, pushing the handlebars forward will move you forward, pulling back will reverse you, and you can balance on your feet.Yes, it is self-balancing, but once the rider has installed it, some serious skill needs to be maintained to prevent it from tilting left and right.I've seen some really interesting things, but it takes more practice.The KO1 Plus has an IP54 rating.

Best hands-free premium experience 

Future Motion Onewheel + XR: $1,799

The Onewheel Plus XR is the pint's bigger brother.It's still one of my favorites, because you feel so free when you ride.Add the ability to go 12 to 18 miles on a full charge, plus the electric motor, and you get a top speed of 19 MPH.

One nice feature in the iOS/Android app is that when you're riding, you get notified once your battery has reached 50%, so you can take it home from any roaming location.The app offers a range of other Settings, from social to check-in customization.It's not the easiest to travel with, it weighs about 30 pounds, but it's easy to store.In addition, it only takes two hours to fully charge the battery.