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Why should e-bikes have a 25km/h speed limit?

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Nearly a year after the new national standard was put into effect, some old drivers are still complaining about speed limits on electric bikes.

In fact, the rule that the maximum speed of e-bikes is less than 25km/h is not arbitrary, but out of concern for the safety of cyclists.There are three specific reasons.

Why should e-bikes have a 25km/h speed limit?

-01- Reduces collision energy

In physics, energy is proportional to the square of weight and speed.In order to reduce the total energy of collisions, the new national standard stipulates that the weight of e-bikes shall not exceed 55kg and the maximum speed shall not exceed 25km/h.This is the result of rigorous scientific calculation, which takes into account the travel needs and the production needs of electric bikes while minimizing the energy generated by collisions.

-02- Reduced braking distance

No driving test is required for electric bicycles, and it is almost impossible for people without basic riding skills to brake suddenly and stop smoothly at a speed of 35km/h or even higher.Especially in rainy days, the rear wheel grip is basically 0, distance control is not in place of the emergency brake is easy to cause the tail, the car fell, serious will endanger personal safety.

Why should e-bikes have a 25km/h speed limit?

-03- Increased reaction time

The speed is proportional to the response time, and appropriately reducing the speed of electric bikes can give electric bikes and car drivers more response time, which can make a judgment in advance in the face of danger, thus reducing the accident incidence.

Electric bicycles are positioned as non-motor vehicles. Since they do not need a driver's license, everyone can ride them. Therefore, they should be considered comprehensively.If you want to break these limits, you can legally drive a faster motorbike or a lighter one.