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Lime carried out a comprehensive test of electric scooters in Milton Keynes and made relevant regulations

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Milton Keynes Council and Lime have announced a partnership to carry out a full-scale trial of electric scooters in the city.

The scheme is expected to come into force next month, when Lime will also introduce the first 250 electric scooters in Milton Keynes, as well as the current e-bike service.

In Milton Keynes, Lime has been chosen to run the first "street" phase of its scooters service, following a competitive process in which more than a dozen providers are competing to launch them in the city.The trial is expected to run for 12 months.

Lime has promised to offer up to 500 electric scooters for hire in the city based on expected demand.

Milton Keynes Council Leader Cllr Peter Marland said: "This will provide an important new travel option for residents and Visitors to Milton Keynes and we look forward to working with Lime to study the results of the trial."

Lime carried out a comprehensive test of electric scooters in Milton Keynes and made relevant regulations

Can set the micro resistance to change commuters and business travelers to towns and cities to travel, but GoGoCompare car insurance company warned that privately owned electric scooter on public roads, bicycle lanes and sidewalks is still illegal, the driver will face penalties of up to 300 pounds, and if found, deducting the six points on the license.

Since the blockade began, interest in electric scooters has surged, with searches up 376%, according to Google Trends data.Electric scooters are free to buy in the UK, but can only be ridden on private land with permission from landowners.

In the government's introduction of public roads, bike lanes and lanes its law to rent electric scooters is being tested this month as part of a review of its transmission locking up the following lenient.

Electric scooters will be classified as motor vehicles during a one-year trial period, and people will need a driving licence and insurance to ride them.The use of rental scooters will be legal and insurance will be provided by the rental provider.

Lime carried out a comprehensive test of electric scooters in Milton Keynes and made relevant regulations

Lee Griffin, founder and chief executive of Insurance company GoCompare, said: 'There is currently a ban on privately owned electric scooters on the road, but that doesn't seem to be stopping people from using them.

"We are concerned that following government advice to avoid public transport as a result of the pandemic, more people will buy electric scooters for short trips and may not realise they can only use them on private land.

"It may also confuse people with the government's rent trials, thinking that private electric scooters are now legal when they are not."

Unlike e-bikes, e-scooters are classified as personal light electric vehicles and are subject to the same legal requirements as motor vehicles - including technical safety standards, road taxes and insurance.The private electric scooters currently on the market do not meet these requirements and therefore cannot be legally used on the road.

"The consequences for drivers of violating the rules on electric scooters can be costly," Griffin continued."Not only will drivers be fined on the spot, they will also face a six-point deduction."