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Ducati announced three foldable electric bikes

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High-end motorcycle maker Ducati has, somewhat surprisingly, recently unveiled a mountain bike and an urban electric bike.Now it has decided to go one step further, announcing three foldable electric bikes.It is understood that all three bikes will be designed with aluminium frames by the company's Cnetro Stile Ducati brand.

Ducati announced three foldable electric bikes

Unfortunately, Ducati did not provide weight figures, prices or components for the three new cars.

The first thing I want to talk about is that one that's being marketed under the Ducati brand is Urban-E.It is the most stylish of the three, thanks to the famous Italian design firm Giugiaro Group.Some of its features include integrated LED lighting at the front and rear, an LCD display built into the handle, a suspension fork and sturdy 20 x 4 inch tires lined with Kevlar to prevent punctured tires.

Ducati announced three foldable electric bikes
In addition, it incorporates a 378-WH lithium battery in the curved part of the top tube, which is reminiscent of a motorcycle fuel tank.Ducati didn't say how long the range would be per charge.

Next sold under the brand Ducati Scrambler is SCR-E.It has the same 20 x 4 tyres and suspension forks, as well as an integrated LED taillight behind the seat -- triggered automatically by a "Twilight sensor" on the LCD display.It is reported that a single charge of the integrated 374.4WH battery of the bicycle can enable the cycling range of the e-bike to reach 70km.

And finally, we have a bi-suspension Ducati Scrambler SCR-e Sport.It adds a coil rear shock wave to the SCR-E design, replaces it faster and increases the range to 80km with a 468Wh battery.

Ducati announced three foldable electric bikes
Of these, SCR-E and SCR-E Sport will go on sale in July - consumers will be able to buy them at Ducati distributors or through Italian company MT Distribution, while Urban-E will not be on the market until October.