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See how an electric scooter trial in Birmingham could cut travel time by 70%?

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A staggering 68% of journeys in Birmingham are less than three miles, according to international data analysts.

INRIX's findings further revealed that nearly half of them -41 percent - were only between a mile and two miles.

Scooters and bikes travel at an average speed of 12 miles per hour, completing the last mile faster than cars, and with fewer emissions.

Researchers say that when used with public transportation for longer distances, electric scooters can cut commuting times by up to 70 percent.

According to Voi Technology, Europe's largest and fastest-growing electric scooter company, these are just two of the many benefits the West Midlands will reap from pioneering trials.

See how an electric scooter trial in Birmingham could cut travel time by 70%?

Voi now operates in more than 40 cities - from Stockholm to Paris, Berlin, Zurich and Marseille - where residents, officials and authorities are motivated to reduce pollution, reduce congestion and create a better living environment for everyone.

Electric scooter companies work closely with other transport service providers in these areas to provide riders with affordable choice and freedom of travel.

Voi works with Swiss railway SBB in Switzerland.In France, the company has teamed up with ride-sharing company BlaBlaCar to create a multi-module method of transport.

Why is Birmingham the best place for electric scooters?

Richard Corbett, Voi's managing director in the UK, said Birmingham was an ideal place to benefit from the scooter experiment because it spearheaded the way to adopt the next generation of technology.

The city is the UK's first future transport zone and the West Midlands plans to bring driverless cars to the streets of Birmingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton and Coventry.

The scooters also dovetail perfectly with plans for electric cars in the region, light rail and a recent agreement with Vodafone to unlock the potential for enhanced digital and data services.

There is also air pollution throughout the region, which has decreased with fewer cars on the roads since the lockdown.

At the end of March, before the lockdown, a station on the Birmingham Central Link reached excessive pollution levels for four days in a row.

Pollution at the same site has plummeted since the lockdown, starting in early July at its lowest recorded level in more than two years.

See how an electric scooter trial in Birmingham could cut travel time by 70%?

Outside London, the West Midlands has historically been one of the worst levels of traffic congestion in the country.

No wonder the region has been listed as one of the top five countries in the UK and will benefit the most from micro-mobility services, including bike-sharing, e-bikes and electric scooters.

Voi Technology's commitment to Birmingham

As the most responsible provider of electric scooters in Europe, we want to reassure the people of the West Midlands, both those who ride our scooters and those who do not, that safety is our top priority.

We will continue to invest in training riders through Voila, our online transportation school, the only accredited school of its kind in the whole of Europe.

We'll just put enough scooters on the street to meet demand.

We will ensure that users act responsibly and motivate them to park properly.