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The city has chosen Lime, Bird and Spin as suppliers for its second pilot scooter program, which will start Aug. 12

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Chicago (CBS) City officials have selected three companies to participate in the city's second pilot scooter program, which will begin next month.

"The selected companies demonstrated in their applications their ability to meet Chicago's stringent four-month operating scooter program, safety and benefits guidelines, which began August 12," the mayor's office said in a statement early Thursday.

When the second pilot program starts on Aug. 12, Lime, Bird and Spin will each distribute 3,333 electric scooters citywide, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

"It's great to be back in Chicago," says Lime spokesman LeAaron Foley."The Lime scooter will fill the gaps in traffic in many neighbourhoods on both sides of the street, south and west, connecting residents with more opportunities and being a valuable part of the city's transport network.As the city continues to battle COVID-19, scooters will also allow all residents to move in open vehicles while maintaining a social distance."

The city has chosen Lime, Bird and Spin as suppliers for its second pilot scooter program, which will start Aug. 12

Earlier this month, Lime got CBS 2 to try out its new fleet, which is sturdier, wider and has a second braking system in the rear.

All 10 companies that participated in the first pilot last year were eligible to apply for the second pilot, but only four did so.Wheels, the fourth firm to apply, was not chosen.

Another taboo and huge complaint last year was pavement cycling.Lime says it created sidewalk detection technology, although that's not a requirement in Chicago.

"It can tell the difference between sidewalks and non-sidewalks, and when they're done, we send them a message about where they've ridden on the sidewalk and how to prevent them in the future," Foley said.

The supplier's name and phone number in Braille must also exist on each device.Accessible electric scooters will be available on demand.

Another new rule is that 50 percent of the scooters need to start on the south and west sides each morning.

The Chicago Department of Transportation said a final decision on the supplier should be made in early August.