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The RadRunner Plus hybrid is even better

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Rad Power Bikes' RadRunner is my first recommendation for anyone looking to get their first electric bike.When I reviewed it in August, I thought its retro look, single-speed simplicity, freight capacity, useful accessories and passenger-friendly compact design made it one of the most versatile electric bicycles you could buy.The affordable price (for e-bikes) is $1,299, which makes things even better.

The RadRunner Plus hybrid is even better

Rad Power Bikes announced its $1,699 RadRunner Plus today, and it pretty much solved all my complaints.

First of all, I like the new silver and brown color scheme.I don't like the black and military green on the original, and the lighter look also helps with night visibility.Larger LED halos also help with night visibility.

The RadRunner Plus hybrid is even better

My favorite change is that the bike now comes with a front suspension that allows you to ride a bike on the city roughstreets, although I've found that the clunky 20 x 3.3-inch wheels provide a lot of cushioning on their own.Bikes now come with a full LCD display.The original only used simple LED lights to display battery power and pedal assist values, but you can't see your own speed or mileage.Now included as standard equipment are passenger backpacks - comfortable seat and pedals added to the back of the bike - and fenders.These used to be $99 upgrades.

But one of the biggest changes is the shift to a seven-speed drivetrain.I can take it or leave it myself;I like the simplicity of the original single-speed design, but the extra gear should increase efficiency during the climb and increase the maximum speed assisted by the pedal.In theory, it should also help you reserve some strength for longer trips.

The RadRunner Plus hybrid is even better

I still have some complaints.I hope that one day Rad Power bikes will offer torque sensor options that give a more natural feel to pedals than the pedal frequency sensors currently used in bikes.I also wanted to make better use of the large gap under the rear rack;The company can even install a second battery seat for people who really appreciate the extra range at each point.

But for $1,700 ($2,299 CAD /€1,599 EUR), you won't be able to find a more functional, full-featured electric bicycle, and, as before, it's compatible with many accessories, including a sturdy front basket and a storage console that fills a stepwise frame.