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China‘s electric scooters: 50% share in Europe, selling 10 billion yuan in three years

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In recent years, two-wheeled electric cars, electric scooters and balanced cars continue to grow in the European and American markets. This popular short-distance travel tool is favored by many young people because of its small and delicate, simple operation, environmental protection and safety, and low price.Speaking of this area, we have to mention robot 9, because 50% of the electric scooters in Europe are supplied by this company.At the same time occupy the global balance car market share of 80%, is the leader in this field.

According to public data, Segway-Ninebot has become a unicorn of global innovation in the field of short transportation since its establishment eight years ago. At the same time, it is also a high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, production, sales and service. It holds more than 1000 basic core patents in the global industry.Its products include electric balance vehicles, electric scooters, service robots, two-wheeled electric vehicles and cardin kits. Its sales volume in the past three years has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

China‘s electric scooters: 50% share in Europe, selling 10 billion yuan in three years

It is reported that Eight people, including Gao Lufeng, founded robot No. 9.At the beginning of the company’s establishment, Xiaomi was in the period of rapid development.As a result, while the company sees Xiaomi as its rival in smart hardware, it is also emulating Xiaomi in building its own e-commerce direct sales network and actively seeking cooperation with Xiaomi.

Two years after the establishment of Robot No. 9, because of its good performance in balancing cars, it was valued by many capital parties including Xiaomi and got a lot of money.Smart hardware, short - term transportation innovation, robotics, robot 9 in the field almost all step in the wind.Xiaomi became a shareholder, so it made sense to cooperate, and the two sides jointly launched the Mijia electric scooter.With the support of Xiaomi, the sales of electric scooter products of the company have been on the rise, surpassing the balanced scooter to become the most core product of the company.

About five years ago, Nine acquired Segway, a world-renowned balance car company, becoming a global leader in intelligent short transportation and achieving rapid growth in overseas markets.

China‘s electric scooters: 50% share in Europe, selling 10 billion yuan in three years

At present, the company has mastered the following technologies: self-balancing technology, wheeled mobile technology, visual recognition technology, robot attitude control technology, autonomous obstacle avoidance technology, autonomous following technology, speech recognition technology, etc.Star products have no. 9 balance car, Mijia electric scooter, No. 9 kart, etc., but also for sharing electric scooter enterprises to provide customized services.

As time goes by, Machine 9 has gradually become a link in Xiaomi's supply chain, achieving good results in terms of revenue. The total sales amount of 618 on the whole platform this year has exceeded 170 million yuan, which was 113.3% in the same period last year.Firmly sit in the intelligent short transportation industry first throne.However, such a business model inevitably leads to the phenomenon that the company relies too much on Xiaomi.The results show that Mio-related revenues have accounted for more than 50 per cent of revenues in each of the past three years.

Some analysis points out that traffic congestion exists in major cities all over the world, which makes people's travel time cost more and more high.In this context, electric scooters are highly sought after for their ease of use, flexibility and speed.With its unique vision and technical strength, no.9 robot has become an electric balance car, electric scooter track leader.But it is not satisfied, is constantly enriching the product line to meet the potential travel needs of users.