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Lime has launched the Lime Patrol to address parking and safety issues with electric scooters

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Calgarians have had an enthusiastic relationship with electric scooters since their launch in the summer of 2019.In fact, the city says its pilot program for electric scooters made nearly 10,000 trips a day last August.But one percent of electric scooter users can't park properly and park at will.

To address these issues, Lime, a scooter rental company, has introduced Lime Patrol, a team of ambassadors who frequent high-usage areas like Eau Claire to educate riders about safety and parking.

According to Markevich, about 1 percent of users park their scooters by mistake.He says that percentage seems small until you take into account the large amount of passenger traffic in the city."A lot of things are still one percent there, and we know that for this city and for lime city, making sure that our scooters are parked correctly and safely is really important."

Lime has launched the Lime Patrol to address parking and safety issues with electric scooters

Markevich said that combined with in-app notifications, which guide ev scooter users on how to park and ride safely, he hopes Lime Patrol will help riders and pedestrians alike.

"We know that sidewalks are very important, and scooter users and non-users share them," he said.

"It is our job to ensure that this new technology is used responsibly."

The city of Calgary has reused the former Car2Go booth as a parking space for electric scooters and painted designated parking Spaces on the sidewalk.

Markiewicz says these are all ways to improve the services that keep Calgaryans moving around the city during the summer.

During COVID-19, scooters are a very valuable service, he says, because they are open, used by one person and are reasonably priced.

"We saw such a huge amount of demand and popularity in Calgary," Markevich said.

"We have the highest number of trips per scooter in the world, which I think is a testament to the commitment of the city's staff and the number of passengers."