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Gogoro’s Eeyo ultra-lightweight electric bike is now on sale

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Gogoro's Eeyo 1 electric bike has gone on sale, promising a more stylish alternative to cyclists in the power bike category.Launched in May, the Eeyo 1 looks like a regular bike, but it's actually a futuristic bike made of Kevlar reinforced carbon, with electronic components encapsulated in a rear hub. Gogoro calls it the Eeyo Smartwheel, which has the Eeyo 1 battery built in.

The Eeyo 1 comes in two auxiliary modes -Sport and Eco - with varying degrees of power assistance and ranges from 40 to 55 miles, depending on Settings.While other e-bikes maximize the power contributed by their motors, Gogoro's strategy is more modest amplification.Eeyo is aimed at road riders who already enjoy cycling but would like some help to replace commuting altogether, or simply to achieve faster speeds.

Gogoro's Eeyo ultra-lightweight electric bike is now on sale

The Eeyo 1, the highest specification, weighs 26.4lbs overall and costs $4,599, while the Eeyo 1s has a 27.5 LBS seat, handlebars and rim made of alloy rather than carbon fibre and costs $3,899.Both can be carried up to the apartment or down to the subway.Settings and other functions are controlled through a companion application, which is also used for OTA firmware updates.The Eeyo has a maximum speed of 19 MPH in the US specification, or 15.5 MPH in the version sold in the EU and Asia.Gogoro says its intelligent power assist system automatically learns the rider's power, rhythm and riding style and adjusts its contributions to suit.

Gogoro's Eeyo ultra-lightweight electric bike is now on sale
Gogoro said the Eeyo 1 takes about 2.5 hours to recharge using a power adapter cliped to the back of the Smartwheel.Eeyo 1s orders are expected to start shipping on August 10 in cloud blue or lobster orange.Then it will start shipping in mid-September as a warm white matte Eeyo 1.Around that time, Gogoro will also introduce Eeyo 1 accessories, including a phone stand for positioning a smartphone over the handlebars and a stand charger that holds the bike in place while charging.