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The retro avionics VM e-bike is a piece of art

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Suppose you prefer the fancy, artsy type and happen to have a budget that allows you to pay nearly $20,000 up front for a bike.Yes, there is an electric bike that suits your needs - this is the closest piece of art you can ride.Let meet avionics VM electric bicycle.

Looking at it might not tell you, but this vintage bike with wood trim does its best.The Avionics founders, Bartek and Jaromir, created it as a limited edition product for the Geneva-based watch maker MB&F's MAD (Mechanical art Equipment) gallery.Only 52 of them will be made, and those interested can contact avionics directly.If they have a balance of $19,900.

The retro avionics VM e-bike is a piece of art

But for that money, they'll get more than just a pretty electric bike.According to the official website, it is intelligent, reliable and powerful.Last but not least, it's as green as possible, causes no pollution when riding (needless to say, because it's electric), and is made of wood.Also known as Brazilian cherries, Jatoba wood (if you must know) is one of the hardest exotic hardwood materials there.

The retro avionics VM e-bike is a piece of art

Putting wood on a bicycle seems like an odd choice, especially if the saddle is also made of it.Avionics companies say choosing it is a way to make their products more stylish and environmentally friendly.

So, at the bottom of the chrome-molybdenum steel frame, there's a wooden case that holds the battery pack, the burglar lock and all the other electronics.The handlebars, fork sleeves and chrome-plated headlights are also made of hardwood, while the saddle is integrated into the frame through a leaf spring suspension.

The retro avionics VM e-bike is a piece of art

"When you look at the avionics from the silhouette, you see a cross section of the wing made from a leaf spring and part of the frame," says Bartek Bialas, co-founder of avionics."It's an unconventional suspension solution and has the ability to differentiate avionics from any other bike or motorcycle."

Eye-catching as it is visually, the heart of the e-bike is electronic, according to its manufacturer.This is obvious by including a sinusoidal controller, an on-board computer that allows a cyclist to "transform it in 'force mode' into a wild road accelerator for epinephrine kicks or sophisticated electric bikes for driving."Walk quietly in the park, "as a Avionics says.

The VM also has integrated alarm and regenerative braking to get the most out of your battery.

The retro avionics VM e-bike is a piece of art

The powerful 5,000-watt motor offers three street friendly power modes (250, 500, and 750 watts), generates 125 Nm (92 lb-ft) of torque, and delivers a top speed of 36 MPH (58 km/h).In low-power street mode, the lithium-ion battery has an estimated range of 120 kilometers (74.5 miles) and requires between 2.5 and three hours to be fully charged from a wall outlet.You can also charge your bike with a USB charger.

The VM comes with a chrome-plated headlight (1,000 lumens) and an integrated LED taillight with an output of 18 lumens.Effective braking is accomplished through a 203 mm (8 ") rotor, while special tyres with retrofitting ZigZag tread 26 x 3 "allow the owner to ride comfortably over most terrains.

The retro avionics VM e-bike is a piece of art

If you want to know what a wooden e-bike "would look like on most terraced terrain" in rain, snow, or humidity, the MAD Gallery demo page highlights that it was tested under these conditions to test its alternative results.Rain doesn't kill it or damage it.The same description says:

"The Avionics VM in its unique and eye-catching form has produced a reliable, durable product that breaks the standard way of riding a bicycle.""Riding a Avionics VM could offer the freedom of action in harmony with nature, an adrenaline rush, or the chance to overcome annoying traffic jams with the help of an environmentally friendly alternative that is noise-free and exhaust free."