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Equipped with intelligent central control screen, built-in xiaoai, 70 mile intelligent electric vehicle Millet youpin online

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At present, most of the so-called intelligent electric vehicles in China remain in the primary era of APP intelligent control, and few of them can achieve voice interaction, especially those that can remotely control the smart home.

At 10 am on March 26th, 70 Mile brand, which focuses on intelligent vehicle and intelligent travel, launched a new intelligent electric vehicle in the crowd-funding of Xiaomi Products.This 70-mile intelligent electric vehicle is the first electric vehicle equipped with the 6.86-inch intelligent central control screen and the first electric vehicle product with the intelligent voice assistant of Xiaoai, aiming to give the majority of users a real intelligent interactive experience.

Equipped with intelligent central control screen, built-in xiaoai, 70 mile intelligent electric vehicle Millet youpin online

Fashion design won the German iF Award, intelligent central control screen eye-catching

Before a 70 - MPH intelligent electric cars, not out, just at the beginning of this year from more than 7000 entries, won a "industrial design Academy Awards," said the German the iF design award, to show the short-distance travel 70 miles in innovation, product appearance, human-computer interaction, practical function in terms of outstanding design ability.

The reason for this award is that the electric car is designed with both intelligent utility and artistic aesthetics.It has a young and fashionable appearance, equipped with a fusion of intelligent central control screen of electric friction handle, and with a secure and stylish full scene lighting design, very cool and cool.The "X" shaped LED headlamp in front of the car body not only has unique shape and tension, but also has stronger concentrated light, with a irradiation range of more than 10 meters.At the same time, through - through taillights integrated into the vehicle design, set direction lights, warning lights and brake lights as one.In addition, the product cushion adopts waterproof and anti-fouling integral forming cushion, which brings stable and comfortable riding experience to users.

Equipped with intelligent central control screen, built-in xiaoai, 70 mile intelligent electric vehicle Millet youpin online

It's worth highlighting the electric car's smart central control screen, which measures 6.86 inches in size. Such a large screen is the exclusive configuration among smart electric cars.The central control screen adopts a fully fitting design, which has the ability of waterproof and anti-mistouch;

Independent power supply can continue to support security and remote control functions after the power battery is disconnected. At the same time, it also has the display effect of automobile level instrument, supporting touch control and voice operation, thus laying a solid foundation for the realization of new intelligence of the whole vehicle.

Take the lead to build voice assistant for Xiaoai students, making cycling life more comfortable

Friends who have used the speaker will remember the intelligent interaction ability of xiao Ai's classmate.The 70 Mile intelligent electric car is the first to have an intelligent voice assistant built in, with voice navigation, music playing, information broadcasting and car home connectivity and other practical control functions.

Equipped with intelligent central control screen, built-in xiaoai, 70 mile intelligent electric vehicle Millet youpin online

In travel scenarios, voice navigation is a relatively safe and convenient way for users.The 70-mile intelligent electric vehicle is equipped with an electric vehicle cycling navigation system based on the in-depth research and development of Autrine map, which can effectively avoid the route planning, underground passages, overpasses and other places unsuitable for cycling.Intelligent central control screen real-time display route guidance, support the whole voice broadcast and voice control, known as have no sense of direction rescue.For example, just say "Xiaoai, I want to navigate to the Xiaomi Tech Park", and Xiaoai will make a real-time voice broadcast at the intersection, reminding users to steer in the right direction.

In addition, just saying "I want to take a picture" can help a car lover take a picture of a beautiful moment.The friend who loves listening to music can say "I want to listen to music", so that the electric car can intelligently recommend songs, but also according to the song name, the singer wants to listen to the song, so that cycling is no longer boring.

If you have a mijia smart home device in your home, the cher-home interconnection function can come in handy, including lamps, air purifiers, floor cleaners, air conditioners, smart sockets and smart accessories, etc., which can be switched on or checked by voice remotely.With Xiaoai, cycling journey and Mijia smart home can be seamlessly connected, making life easier and more comfortable.

Equipped with intelligent central control screen, built-in xiaoai, 70 mile intelligent electric vehicle Millet youpin online

With the help of hd camera and APP, it is easy to prevent theft

The theft of electric vehicles has been a prominent pain point for users.In view of this, 70 mile intelligent electric vehicle is equipped with 1080P front-facing full HD wide Angle camera, electronic fence, abnormal alarm event push, tracking mode, remote car lock and other functions. Coupled with the cooperation of 70 Mile mobile phone APP, it can be used for omni-directional parking monitoring and intelligent anti-theft.

After the lock of 70-mile intelligent electric vehicle, an electronic fence is formed around the car body, which can accurately judge whether the car body has shifted and comprehensively monitor the surrounding environment during parking.When an abnormal alarm occurs to the vehicle, the electric vehicle will immediately turn on the camera to record video, and send abnormal messages and videos to the APP to notify the owner.

In addition, if the vehicle is unlocked or stolen, users can lock it remotely directly through the APP, regardless of the distance limit.If a vehicle is found missing, users can also use the APP to help them find it by having the vehicle honk and flash its light and report its location, and remotely turn on the camera to see the environment around the stop.

About the "70 mile" APP, in addition to smart anti-theft, there is also a key one-click sharing function.70 MPH intelligent electric vehicle can generate WeChat small program for sharing through virtual key. When family members or friends need to use the car temporarily, they can unlock the car directly without downloading APP.The Shared virtual keys can be timed and deactivated at any time, so that you can have the right to use the car.

Equipped with intelligent central control screen, built-in xiaoai, 70 mile intelligent electric vehicle Millet youpin online

Range of 70 km + considerate after-sales service, guarantee the ride worry-free

In terms of endurance, the 70-mile intelligent electric vehicle is equipped with high-energy lithium batteries, with a typical range of 70 kilometers, which is enough to meet daily needs.The battery is so light that even a woman can lift it with one hand.In terms of charging, it is safe and fast. After 800 charging and discharging, the battery capacity can still be more than 80%, which is very durable.

In addition to providing reliable product quality, 70 Miles provides owners and vehicles with a year of free value-added protection services, including lost car insurance, compensation for spontaneous combustion and personal accident insurance, to ensure that you do not worry about riding.

In 70 Mile's view, every intelligent electric vehicle user is an important member of 70 mile's intelligent travel strategy.Therefore, 70MIN will continuously optimize and innovate new intelligent travel experience according to user feedback. OTA can be upgraded online, and complete and convenient after-sales support service can be provided to escort travel and life.

70 Mile brand, which has always been focusing on product power, firmly believes that good public praise and consumer trust must be created by high-quality products and services.The intelligent electric vehicle products brought by the crowdfunding are trying to open a new intelligent era of two-wheeled electric vehicles with well-designed multiple intelligent configurations.On March 26, Xiaomi has good crowdfunding. Two models of 70 Mile smart electric vehicle will be launched, namely the standard A1 model of 70 mile smart electric vehicle, with the crowdfunding price of 2,999 yuan.And smart 70 mile smart electric car A1 Pro model, crowdfunding price 3999 yuan.At the same time, during the crowd-funding period, 70 MPH intelligent electric vehicle will offer more discounts and benefits to users, hoping that more users can experience this intelligent electric vehicle.