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E22 experience: A new generation of electric scooter with a cool turn – back rate

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Under the epidemic, people may travel to and from work by public transport and purchase with the possibility of droplet transmission and contact transmission. Self-driving is relatively the safest way to travel, but not all people have private cars.Therefore, one person a car, light small, safe and fast electric cars and electric scooters become many people's first choice of travel in special periods.

In the field of electric scooters, No.9 robot has sold a total of 3 million scooters, which are widely loved by users at home and abroad. Its scooter products have distinctive appearance design, and its quality and after-sales guarantee are well received.Recently, 9 robot launched a comprehensive upgrade experience of electric scooter - 9 electric scooter E22, with 9 inches high elastic suspension tire, both the inflatable tires are comfortable, have solid tyres maintenance free again, at the same time equipped with BMS intelligent management system, the hall of 300 W brushless dc motor, dual braking system and 2.5 W highlight LED lights, as far as can ride 22 km.The most important is, this car is the symbol of the trend, ride up pull wind to turn head rate is high, can say young people new generation drive!

E22 experience: A new generation of electric scooter with a cool turn - back rate

So how does the E22, a Number nine electric scooter, perform?Get to know the tech dog quickly through its hands-on experience.

The E22, a number nine electric scooter, is first and foremost an object of admiration for its perfect design and craftsmanship, according to a friend of an industrial manufacturer.

No. 9 electric scooter E22 continues the high appearance level design concept that won the German iF design Award certification before, the appearance is simple, the appearance level is outstanding, the boundless "car sea" can be seen.The body adopts the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy integrated bending frame, which is simple, fashionable and highly recognizable.With the car with a bell, the light dial ring, improve the safety of driving.

E22 experience: A new generation of electric scooter with a cool turn - back rate

The handlebars, which are nearly shoulder width for an adult, are also the control center for the E22, a Number nine electric scooter, complete with switches, throttle, bells, brake handle, lights and power display.

Both sides of the handlebars are provided with non-slip rubber covers, making the handlebars stable and comfortable to hold.The compression-throttle design allows independent control of the right hand without affecting other fingers gripping the handlebars.22 aluminum alloy frame, light and strong, after 700kg strength test, 10,000 km ride is not bad.In addition, the E22 is designed with a dual braking system, e-ABS electronic brake + rear brake, with effective braking distance of up to 4 meters, which is safer.

The E22 weighs only 13.2kg and can be pulled and carried with one hand.One-button folding design, folding can also be pulled like a rod box, folded after the body is only 113cm long, can be easily taken into elevators, subway cars, and put in the trunk of a car.

E22 experience: A new generation of electric scooter with a cool turn - back rate

The pedal edge that is easy to touch and rub with the human body is designed with arc, which will not hurt the human body during cycling and portability. The E22 pedal is covered with a layer of non-slip floor mat to ensure that no shoes will slip during cycling.

This is the only folding structure of No. 9 electric scooter E22, which is also the most critical part for the safety and stability of the folding car frame. It can be seen that two high and mild hexagon screws are used on both sides of the folding car structure to tighten in opposite direction, which gives a full sense of security.

The length of the folding clasp handle and the tightness of the switch are appropriate, and both men and women can easily and quickly fold as long as they lightly step on it.The upward folding buckle can effectively prevent accidental loosening of the buckle. The whole folding structure is tightly and reliably connected without any feeling of looseness.

E22 experience: A new generation of electric scooter with a cool turn - back rate

The E22 has a normal speed of 20km/h and a range of 22km.The battery can also be extended, with a single battery (purchased separately), and the range can be increased to 45km and the speed can reach 25km/h after the extended battery.

Electric scooter in addition to the battery capacity to have a large motor, to ensure that the scooter has a strong power and climbing ability.Of course, the bigger the better, too big waste, too small power shortage, E22 is equipped with 300W Hall brushless DC motor, peak motor power up to 700W, fast start, strong climb, sufficient power, is absolutely enough.The kinetic energy recovery system is automatically started when the throttle or manual brake is released during driving. The kinetic energy during sliding is converted into electrical energy, which indirectly improves battery life.

More importantly, the current scooter tires are common 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, it is recommended that we choose the tires are more than 8 inches of the scooter, so safe through high, good steering.Because little wheels can really jolt you into doubt, slow you down when you hit potholes, and fall off when you turn.

The tires of E22 adopt the 9-inch high elastic damping tire developed by no.9 robot for 3 years. After 5000 km wear test, the tires with high elastic damping are comparable to the inflatable tires. They do not need to be inflated, do not explode, and do not require maintenance in the later period.

E22 experience: A new generation of electric scooter with a cool turn - back rate

Considering the safety of users driving at night, the E22 headlights adopt 2.5W high-lit LED driving lights, illuminating the distance up to 13.5 meters, and there is no pressure to cross the unlighted road at night.Light and dark cut-off line luminescence principle, the light source focuses on the road surface, does not dazzle the eyes, has always been friendly to people, to the car.

A new taillight is added. When the headlight or brake is lit during cycling, the taillight will automatically light up to ensure driving safety.The E22 comes with a trolley brace and is easy to use and small and cute.

E22 is a smart electric scooter that can be connected to mobile phone APP and installed with segway-Ninebot APP. It can not only view cycling data, enable constant speed cruise and lock the car with one click, but also meet other cycling partners like you, expand your social circle and share the joy of cycling together.

Cruise at a constant speed is a very practical function. After being turned on, the vehicle will automatically maintain the current speed forward without pressing the throttle continuously, which can relieve the tension and fatigue of hand control. The way to remove cruise at a constant speed is to press the throttle or brake.

E22 experience: A new generation of electric scooter with a cool turn - back rate

Number 9 Electric scooter E22 which group is suitable?

If you have a 10-kilometer commute and need a lightweight vehicle that can move easily between clogging traffic, consider this product.

Up to now, the products of No.9 robot have included electric balance vehicle, scooter, robot, balance wheel, go-cart, all-terrain vehicle and electric vehicle, etc. The product ecology of No.9 robot has achieved extensive product coverage in medium and short distance mobile fields such as intelligent travel and intelligent distribution.

At present, No.9 robot has more than 1000 core technology patents. It has been deeply involved in the formulation of many national and international standards, including the international standard for service robots, the international standard for electric transport equipment for personnel, the National standard for service robots, the European Standard for light personal mobile vehicles, and the North American standard for electric mobile vehicles.

In general, E22, the no. 9 electric scooter, has solved the problems of explosive tires, indurability, short range and uneasiness of the existing scooters in the market. It has been improved and optimized in terms of appearance, performance and safety, and is quite flexible and durable.