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From August 1, the “E-bike After-sales Service Specification” will be formally implemented!

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March 30 this year, China bicycle association issued "electric bicycle after-sales service specification" (draft), to solicit opinions from the public, after months of polls, standard content is unanimously recognized the people from all walks of life, will take effect on August 1, finally, the electric bicycle after-sales service also has a new national standard!

According to the "Specifications", the damage caused by unauthorized modification of electric bicycles, even within the warranty period, does not belong to the scope of warranty service, if the repair needs to be paid by the user.On the other hand, it might reduce the number of businesses and consumers secretly modifying electric bicycles.

The Specification stipulates the basic requirements of after-sales service of e-bike products, after-sales service process, after-sales service quality requirements, consumer tracking and complaint handling.It is suitable for electric bicycle manufacturers, service providers and after-sale service outlets.However, after-sales service of e-bikes for special purposes such as takeout, express delivery and rental is not included.

From August 1, the "E-bike After-sales Service Specification" will be formally implemented!

The after-sale service staff should not be less than 2 people, which can be increased according to the actual business situation.At the same time, the service outlets are not allowed to live.Charging is not allowed in the store at night, and no one in the store is not allowed to charge.Parts of discontinued models should be guaranteed to provide "responsible for the recovery of waste parts" within three years.

Because before the introduction of the new national standard for electric bicycles, many bicycles have been privately modified, how to deal with the after-sales service of this part of the bicycle is also a matter of concern to many consumers.It is clearly stipulated in the Specification that if the battery is still under the warranty period, the outlets can provide paid maintenance services.

The Specification provides for the replacement and recovery of product parts.The replaced parts shall be recovered by the service outlets within the warranty period.The replaced lead-acid battery shall be treated as GB/T 37281-2019.When replacing lithium batteries, service outlets should replace the retired batteries in the way of "one-change-for-change", verify the information of bicycle owners and record the replacement information of batteries.

In addition, the after-sales service network has poor service quality, fraud, serious violations and other circumstances, the qualification of the after-sales service network will be revoked!

Electric bicycle after-sales service, the emergence of new national standard to the terminal stores engaged in after-sales service, will have serious test, high maintenance cost, profit, or will be compressed, if buy cheap inferior fittings, is not good for consumers, therefore, electric bicycle after-sales service to the resource, new gb should strictly control parts supply manufacturers of products' quality, maintain a terminal market stability, safeguard consumer interests.