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Recall from Yadea, look again “pedal”, electric bicycle this part is not necessary!

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This is an electric motorcycle with high horsepower, 200 horsepower and 200 nm of torque. It can accelerate 100 kilometers in 3.4 seconds, reach 170km/h, and 0-160km/h in 6 seconds.

Voxan is a new electric bike manufacturer that specializes in these high-powered electric scooters, and Wattman is their latest product. Millions of dollars have been invested in research and development, but the car's power Numbers are truly stunning.

The car's body design incorporates more battery packs, which fuse the frame with the battery, so that the battery also ACTS as a frame.It has a 12.8kwh battery pack and a range of up to 180km.But at the same time, it also brings the disadvantage of weight. The weight of the whole vehicle reaches 350kg, which is very unfriendly to some drivers with small strength, especially in the case of reversing.

Recall from Yadea, look again "pedal", electric bicycle this part is not necessary!

As a cruise car, Wattman has a super long wheelbase of 1705mm and the width of the rear wheel reaches 240mm, which is conducive to the power of the rear wheel and brings a very stable feeling to the driver.

Charging is still the short board of most electric vehicles, which can be charged to 80% of the power in 30 minutes under the fast charging system, but it takes a day for ordinary household power supply to be fully charged.

The pedal form is greater than function

And because of the new electric vehicle national standard after the regulation, many people think that the setting of the pedal device is more form than function.I have summarized these views.

1: Bikes must have pedals?

According to netizens, when the bicycle was invented, there was actually no pedal function, and the bicycle could move forward by pedalling with the help of both feet.

2: Feet fit, not must!

From the netizens' point of view, it is true that pedal power has made a significant contribution to the development of bicycles, but this suitable device does not mean that bicycles have to have "pedal power".

3:Bicycles are light and easy to use with pedals.But with the battery and other accessories, it will be very heavy, there is no need for that foot!According to netizens, a bicycle has a narrow wheel and a body that weighs only 10 to 20 jin, while an electric bike can weigh hundreds of jin at any rate. If you use pedals to propel yourself forward, you can't ride a bicycle at all.

4: pedal in the operation of electric vehicles, will increase with the speed and rotation, safety hidden trouble!Netizens' point of view is that when the foot of the electric vehicle is riding, people will not put their feet on it, and let it spin along with the flywheel inertia, may cause some unnecessary traffic accidents.

Recall from Yadea, look again "pedal", electric bicycle this part is not necessary!

So the netizens according to the above several arguments, give their own view - the standard of electric bicycles, must have a foot this setting is more form than function, there is no use!

Analyses and summaries

In fact, there have been some explanations for all of these points, so Let me sum them up.

The first: had the foot to be able to distinguish better

Standard of electric vehicle is divided into electric bicycle and electric motorcycle.If there are no feet, how can you tell the difference?It is impossible to do a site inspection of the equipment, so the pedal is better to distinguish in the end is an electric motorcycle or electric bicycle.

Second: Feet are also very practical

Although the weight of electric bicycle is heavier than the bicycle, but after having a foot, everyone rides the way in case there is no electricity under the circumstance, the foot still can let you at least emergency, ride back.What if you don't have feet?Only to push back!

So there's a need for the pedal as well, and while it may be more form than function in the short term, as many have said, it might be a good thing in the future when lighter electric bikes come along.