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Electra Cafe Moto Go creates a new cycling experience with Electra powered bikes

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When cycling becomes an urban trend and cycling becomes a popular travel tool, the bicycle industry has ushered in a new development outlet.For a new era of urban young people, any consumption choices represents the attitude to life, reveals its individuality, inflexible traditional bike riding on a design modelling and monotony, already can't meet the demand of contemporary young people, they are more the design of individual character, common pursuit and higher-end riding experience, so the electric power bicycle arises at the historic moment.

Electric assisted bicycle is a new transportation tool which takes battery as auxiliary power source and realizes the integration of human riding and motor assisted motion with the aid of electric motor.Electra cutting-edge brand as a high-end bicycle, has created one after another bike popular trend, the Cafe Moto Go high-end electric power bicycle is a representative of Electra electric power bicycle products: with more easily than a bicycle, the advantage of more fashionable than electric vehicles, in the form of a highly artistic personality can be incorporated into design, Go deep into the urban young people's life.

Electra Cafe Moto Go creates a new cycling experience with Electra powered bikes

Trend pioneer design, create personalized electric power bicycle benchmark

Tired of the stereotypical style of bicycles, Cafe Moto Go electric moped is unconventional in color selection. It adopts matte black aluminum alloy frame 6061-T6, which is light, durable, cool and noble.Inspired by Cafe Racer, the fastest urban motorcycle, Cafe Moto Go is modeled on the retro appearance of Cafe Racer, and combined with the most modern hardware equipment, Cafe Moto Go is transformed into a high-quality electric bicycle with a legendary motorcycle image.Stylized wings and detachable alloy stands add lines to the look, and the streamlined design makes Cafe Moto Go more like a ready cheetah, quietly waiting for a departure command, perfect for young people's needs for personalized fashion.

Electra Cafe Moto Go creates a new cycling experience with Electra powered bikes
Driven by hard nuclear power, new and upgraded electric power helps bike riding experience

Fashionable appearance and high-end core interior are required. The biggest difference between Cafe Moto Go electric powered bikes and traditional bikes lies in the collocation of power system and hardware equipment, which realizes the leap-forward upgrade of cycling experience.

The Cafe Moto Go limited edition model is equipped with detachable Bosch Power Tube batteries, award-winning tires from leading manufacturers such as Vee Rubber Speedster, and Hayes Prime Sport disc hydraulic brake with front and double wall brake lever, which can provide enough braking Power for Cafe Moto Go to instantly upgrade the cycling experience to n levels.

The latest gear - Gates Carbon Drive (Gates Carbon Drive), get rid of the traditional chain transmission, switch to belt Drive, silent running without lubrication, without contact with dirty greasy chain, save the maintenance time and energy, replaceable variable transmission chain and the combination of the wheel hub more let CafeMotoGo have the opportunity to reach the speed of 25 km per hour, enjoy the fun of electric power cycling!Electra Cafe Moto Go creates a new cycling experience with Electra powered bikes
Four riding modes can be switched freely, equipped with Bosch Purion computer display screen to display the speed, driving mode, distance, travel distance, total distance and charging status one by one, so as to grasp the status and cycling data of moped at any time.Cable wiring in the interior of the mOPED ensures safety and aesthetic design.

Electra electric bike has no heavy structure, no management or maintenance difficulties and powerful hardware to easily overcome steep slopes.Electra Cafe Moto Go is one of the best-selling electric bikes in the world, representing the high-tech level of Electra. Depending on the terrain, the Electra Cafe Moto Go can be cycled for 40 to 120 kilometers on a single charge. The ultra-long standby experience ensures that every moment of your life is not lost.