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Xiaomi’s 70Mai is likely to launch a new electric scooter on March 26

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Xiaomi Youpin's official Weibo page Shared a trailer that pointed to the launch of what looked like an electric scooter.The product is made by 70Mai, Xiaomi's eco-chain company.The brand is known for its smart dashcam and rearview mirror lines.The trailer shows the product will be launched in China on March 26.

70 Mai earlier released a poster trying to get a sense of what fans would like to see on an electric scooter.Options include keyless ignition, voice commands and recording capabilities.The sketch of the scooter does prove to be a relevant product.We are not sure if it will be an electric scooter, as other posters have been Shared, which seems to suggest that the product may just be a multi-functional smart display for electric scooters.

Xiaomi's 70Mai is likely to launch a new electric scooter on March 26

Again, the display can be a visual display that will be on the pedal car.The screen displays support for XiaoAI voice help, navigation and touch functions.It also supports 4G.In one of the photos, we can see the handlebars and front wheels of the scooter.

But the poster makes more fun of the monitor than the scooter, so it could just be a smart touch-screen display with multiple functions.No matter what the product is, 70Mai has a good record, so we expect it to be a great product.