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0-160km/h in 6 seconds!Voxan’s new electric motorcycle, Wattman!

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This is an electric motorcycle with high horsepower, 200 horsepower and 200 nm of torque. It can accelerate 100 kilometers in 3.4 seconds, reach 170km/h, and 0-160km/h in 6 seconds.

Voxan is a new electric bike manufacturer that specializes in these high-powered electric scooters, and Wattman is their latest product. Millions of dollars have been invested in research and development, but the car's power Numbers are truly stunning.

0-160km/h in 6 seconds!Voxan's new electric motorcycle, Wattman!

The car's body design incorporates more battery packs, which fuse the frame with the battery, so that the battery also ACTS as a frame.It has a 12.8kwh battery pack and a range of up to 180km.But at the same time, it also brings the disadvantage of weight. The weight of the whole vehicle reaches 350kg, which is very unfriendly to some drivers with small strength, especially in the case of reversing.

As a cruise car, Wattman has a super long wheelbase of 1705mm and the width of the rear wheel reaches 240mm, which is conducive to the power of the rear wheel and brings a very stable feeling to the driver.
0-160km/h in 6 seconds!Voxan's new electric motorcycle, Wattman!
Charging is still the short board of most electric vehicles, which can be charged to 80% of the power in 30 minutes under the fast charging system, but it takes a day for ordinary household power supply to be fully charged.