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Twisters, balance bikes, scooters…How to choose the baby’s bike?This is not recommended

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Now the living conditions are better, the children have everything to play with, for the baby, especially for the boys, there are many kinds of bikes in the family.

But parents may wonder, which kinds of bikes are good for kids?How old are they?

Buying a walker is not recommended

For Bao Ma, buying a baby walker will make her baby's life a lot easier, many of them just tuck the baby in and learn to walk.

But in fact, the bike is not good for the baby's growth and development.

Twisters, balance bikes, scooters...How to choose the baby's bike?This is not recommended

The child did not actually stand in the bike, but walked on tiptoe.

Moreover, in the circle of the baby walker, a wide band child is placed between the baby's legs, which often cannot be pedded straight, which will affect the strength of the baby's leg muscles and easily form the O-shaped leg.

Parents are not advised to buy walkers for their children, no matter how old they are.

Electric bikes are generally recommended only

Electric bicycles look cool, controlled by parents and assisted by children.It's fun, it's fun to drive on the street, and a lot of parents buy an electric bike or two for their baby.

This kind of bike has perfect functions, so children have less space to explore on their own. Babies always like to play on it, which is not good for children's physical exercise.

Electric bikes are expensive and take up more space.And a lot of babies have the psychology of old and new, often play not long to give up.

Twisters, balance bikes, scooters...How to choose the baby's bike?This is not recommended

★Suggestion: Suitable for children over 1 year old, parents can choose to buy according to the family conditions.

Baby bike play don't forget to exercise, work and rest.When buying, want to choose sound euphonious, light downy, lest cause trouble to the child's vision and hearing.

These three kinds of bikes are recommended for children, but there are age limits

1) twisting bike

The twister is designed to move forward by twisting the steering wheel. The bike is relatively low in weight and suitable for babies.

It also requires little driving skill, has wide seats and is virtually safe from falls.

Good steering requires your baby to learn to control the strength of his thigh muscles and to train his hand-eye coordination, so a twister is a good choice.

Twisters, balance bikes, scooters...How to choose the baby's bike?This is not recommended

★Suggestion: Suitable for children over 15 months, parents can play with the baby, but also close the parent-child relationship.

(2) balance of the bike

For the record, a balanced bike is something like a bicycle without pedals, not an electric bike.

Compared with tricycles and bicycles, balanced bikes are lighter, easier to use and more suitable for children to learn.Their freedom and speed are relatively high, children can feel more cycling fun, love sports.

★Suggestion: Suitable for children over 2 years old.Make sure your child's feet touch the ground at the same time.

Twisters, balance bikes, scooters...How to choose the baby's bike?This is not recommended

Don't go cheap and buy a big bike.Children is to choose a relatively light bike, ride up comfortable, even if not bikeeful fall also do not worry about the bike will crush the child.

(3) the scooter

Compared to the above types of bikes, scooter is difficult to learn, this kind of bike can exercise children's balance and coordination.

★Suggestion: Also suitable for children over 2 years old.You can start with a three-wheeled scooter, and then gradually try a two-wheeled scooter.Choose a scooter that can adjust the height to suit your baby's growth

Choosing a toy bike for your child is not about the more expensive the better, nor is it about the more the better. It is about choosing the right bike for your child to play according to his age and physical development.

Choose appropriate, can help the child's body more stretch, enhance the amount of exercise, healthy growth is good.If not, it will increase the risk of playing. Parents must choose well and do a good job of nursing.