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Istanbul is to consider new legal requirements for electric scooters

pxidw 2020-07-24 465 times

Living in Turkey's most crowded city, Istanbul, has taken a new turn thanks to a new form of transport provided by electric scooters.However, electric scooters visible throughout the city face new regulations due to the scooter-sharing scheme.

Istanbul city (İ BB) announced on Tuesday, the transportation, the council will be discussed at the meeting on Thursday the relevant provisions.

The new rules aim to establish a legal framework for electric scooters, which can be rented through a smartphone app and which users can unlock.

Istanbul is to consider new legal requirements for electric scooters

City officials have recently held talks with leasing companies, academics and non-governmental organizations to develop regulations.They will take a range of security measures and require leasing companies to obtain a permit from the municipality to operate.Scooters will also be required to carry an ID number, such as the license plate of a motor vehicle, for identification in case of traffic safety violations.

In the company's request, they are required to install safety sensors.The sensors will allow the electric scooter to be tracked in the event of an accident and alert the emergency services.The company will also be required to inform customers of the scooter's charging status and how far it can cover on a single charge.

The new rules will also include rules and other measures for drunk drivers, drivers endangering pedestrians and drivers blocking parking Spaces.Companies will also be required to provide new users with training on how to use scooters.