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Spin electric scooters will continue to run and offer “safe rides.”

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Scoot, Lime and Jump Halt electric Scooters Company in SF has decided to stop all operations in San Francisco due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Spin, the only one of SF's four electric scooter rental companies, owned by The Ford Motor Company, continues to operate and promises to clean its scooters more frequently to provide "safe rides."

With BART nearly at a standstill and losing nearly 90% of its passengers in the past week, coronavirus concerns have all but shut down San Francisco's impressive field of electric scooters, according to SFGate.

Spin electric scooters will continue to run and offer 'safe rides.'

Inspectors reported that Lime, Scoot and Uber's Jump -- three San Francisco electric scooter rental companies -- were suspending all local operations;Lime has also suspended most of its leasing programmes around the world, while Kuhang has opted to suspend its moppet service.Given that the new virus can survive on the surface for several days, appropriate measures seem to have been taken.But the rotation did not give way.

They're still running at seven by seven.They have the support of New York City to do that.

According to Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, the SFMTA told carriers in an email that ride-sharing operators, including electric bike and scooter companies, are considered "essential services."Thus, Spin has the support of the municipal government to remain operational, even under the current shelter in place order.

Spin electric scooters will continue to run and offer 'safe rides.'

The SFMTA also noted in the same email that it waived certain obligations that electric scooter companies must comply with.For example, a level of service must be maintained: "If the operator decides to suspend service during [coVID-19 pandemic], that's fine."

To address hygiene concerns, Nima Rahimi, Spin's senior policy committee, announced that the company was increasing the number of times it cleaned electric scooters throughout the day to prevent cyclists contracting the disease.A tweet from the company linked to a blog post about how Spin intends to continue providing "safe rides" for renters.

Your Spin Scoot may still be unharmed, though, by stroking it with an antibacterial wiper before cycling around the nearly motionless downtown area.