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The new rules will come as the scooter program returns to Chicago

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If it inspires people to stop parking their scooters, the city says it doesn't have to worry.Chicago will now set some of the strictest scooter rules in the United States.

In just a few weeks, 10,000 scooters will turn up around Chicago again.

"We have submitted what we think is a very successful application," says LeAaron Foley, senior manager of Lime's administration.

Lime is one of four companies being considered in the city's second pilot.

The company got the CBS 2 to try out the new scooters, which are sturdier, wider and have a second braking system in the back.

Victory admits she won't be able to tell the story without picking up some of the photos from last year's pilot program.

The new rules will come as the scooter program returns to Chicago

At that time, cameras captured two-wheeled machines from different suppliers, these electric scooters dumped on sidewalks, in the water, and even in trees.Improper parking Spaces and abandoned electric scooters topped the 311 list of complaints, according to the city's pilot evaluation in 2019.

Victory: "How do you comment on the performance of electric scooters in Chicago last year?"

Foley: "I think the Chicago drivers are a great example of people who are getting started in microtransportation."

That means there is room for progress.To that end, the city now requires in-app safety tests and locks down each scooter.

"Now, riders are required to park their scooters on specific frames or signs," Mr. Foley said.

One of the biggest changes this time is that scooters are available all over the city, except along the lake, route 606 and the central business district in the city centre."

The new rules will come as the scooter program returns to Chicago

Another taboo and huge complaint last year was pavement cycling.Lime says it created sidewalk detection technology, although that's not a requirement in Chicago.

"It can tell the difference between sidewalks and non-sidewalks, and when they're done, we send them a message about where they've ridden on the sidewalk and how to prevent them in the future," Foley said.

The supplier's name and phone number in Braille must also exist on each device.Barrier-free scooters will be available on demand.

Another new rule is that 50 percent of electric scooters start each morning on the south and west sides.

A final decision on the supplier should be made in early August, the Department said.