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How to choose electric vehicle, what brand electric vehicle is good?

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Choosing electric bicycles looks simple on the surface, but there are also many skills. The choice dimension is nothing more than policy, appearance, brand, public praise and budget.

First of all, the policy, after the introduction of the new national standards for electric vehicles, two-wheeled electric vehicles into the new national standards for electric bicycles and 3C electric motorcycle two categories.The new national standard electric bicycle can be registered throughout the country, not limited line.Electric motorcycle belongs to the category of motorcycle, motorcycle in the Forbidden City is not allowed to ride on the road.Therefore, the Forbidden City recommended the new national standard electric bikes, and other cities recommended electric bikes.

How to choose electric vehicle, what brand electric vehicle is good?

Appearance.Now consumer personalized demand is more and more high, the market is also very rich electric bicycle models, the general young boys like the bicycle has eagle, little monkey, cow, small turtle and other fashionable atmosphere model, young girls are fond of small scooter and cute little turtle models.Middle-aged and elderly people prefer practical zhongsha and Mianyang styles.

Brand.Emma and Yadi belong to the top brands in the electric vehicle industry.Tailing, Knife, Lvyuan, Xinri, Instant, Bidevon and other second-tier brands, followed by young people such as Maverick, Suke Internet brands.The other brands are the third and fourth tier brands.The advantages of big brands are that electric bicycles have fine workmanship, perfect after-sales service and convenient purchase, but the price is more expensive.

How to choose electric vehicle, what brand electric vehicle is good?

Word of mouth.IT reflects the workmanship and quality of the bicycle.Now a second line brand of product material, quality control about the same, so the same models on the quality difference is very small, it is important to note the hard and 3 without a refurbished products on the market, part of the repair shop and community in the sales, this kind of bicycle parts purchasing are not unified standards, workshop production, the price is cheap, but quality is not necessarily reliable.

Price, as long as remember a word, a cent a cent goods will not be wrong.Price is a comprehensive reflection of a bicycle, including the brand, function, configuration, store decoration, advertising promotion and after-sales service and other aspects.

Battery life depends mainly on the capacity of the battery.The power depends mainly on the motor.These are all configuration, the higher the configuration, the more expensive the price, people who know the bicycle, will never ask this bicycle how the power, how far can go?Instead, ask your boss what kind of battery and motor the bicycle USES.

Although the two bicycles have the same appearance, the battery capacity and motor power are different, the battery life and power are different, and the price will be much more expensive.Therefore, power and range can all be reflected in the price, there is no need to list them separately here.If you want to go far, change the battery!