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Lime will launch its new electric scooter in Brisbane’s suburbs

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Lime will launch its new electric scooter in Brisbane's suburbs in the near future, with the company initially focusing on CBD.

Lime pulled its scooters from Brisbane at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, citing the risk of transmission, but began putting them back on the streets on Monday.

The company licenses up to 400 scooters from Brisbane city Council, while rival Neuron has 600.

Neuron keeps his scooter on the streets of Brisbane during the lockdown.

Lime took scooters and bicycles from all Australian cities and New Zealand and returned on a case-by-case basis.

Lime will launch its new electric scooter in Brisbane's suburbs

Lime Australia and New Zealand general manager Wendy Rattray said the company was bringing its latest green and white scooters specifically to Brisbane.

The next generation 3 scooter has larger wheels, dual braking and locking helmet technology that keeps the helmet together with the scooter.

"The main difference is they just have some additional safety features, bigger wheels and improved suspension, just for stability," Ms. Rattray said.

"They are really sturdy and very pleasant to ride."This information has prompted Lime to push harder for the suburbs and more scooters outside the city centre.

Lime USES proprietary software to identify "hot spots" for suburban electric scooters, says Ms Rattray, and can order scooters through the Uber app (not just via Lime).

"By the end of August, it's really exciting that you'll be able to order Lime electric scooters on Uber," she says."Uber's influence on its platform is huge."