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Fast motor is not the best choice for the new electric bike

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The central proposition of electric bikes is simple - there's a small motor between the pedals that allows you to whip you at 30 miles per hour without sweating.Irish e-bike startup Modmo takes that fact as a fait fait.Its new electric commuter bike, the Saigon, offers much more than simple speed through a dual system of integrated and modular functions.

Fast motor is not the best choice for the new electric bike

The all-black Saigon is stylish to mechanical electric bicycle standards.Its low-tube contains 18.5Ah of power and can provide the rider with about 125 miles of power, which is a miracle.But Modmo also USES the accompanying electronics to integrate features such as a large handlebar display, which displays travel data and maps, as well as integrated front and rear lights and steering signals.

Modmo also has built-in personalization for Saigon and has front and rear attachment points that can accommodate a large number of accessories.Parents can attach child seats to bikes, and couriers can install them with boxes.Baskets and pan stands also offer options for daily commuters.

The e-bike is available for pre-order and costs €99 ($106).It costs 1,999 euros ($2,145) at full price.