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Electric scooters, if used safely, can be fast, portable, fun and a viable way to fill transportation gaps

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Electric scooters have become a common sight in American urban areas, and you can use the app to rent one of those baseless scooters and leave it at your destination for the next customer to visit.

"Electric scooters are fun, efficient and fast," says Bernie Deitrick, CR's senior test program manager, "but they should be handled with care, wearing a helmet and possibly pads and pads.""And they should be ridden with care and care at all times while they exist elsewhere."

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, most of the electric scooters tested can travel at 15 MPH on flat roads, more than four times the average human walking speed of 3.5 MPH.It's also a little faster than most people can ride a traditional bike.

Electric scooters, if used safely, can be fast, portable, fun and a viable way to fill transportation gaps

Four models were tested: Gotrax GXL V2, Razor E200, Segway Ninebot ES3 and Xiaomi Mi Electric Sc Ooter Pro.Comments on electric scooters are as follows, including information on how we test and rate them, as well as ratings on range, braking, acceleration, etc.They are shown below in order of rank.

As the number of rides (and injuries) on electric scooters rises, two-wheeled cars are changing the landscape of urban traffic.That's because there are so many places in the United States that it's impossible to use public transportation to connect the dots.Walking between bus stops and train stations, or wherever you need to go, can be a bit too much.There may not be a bike-sharing pier nearby, and your own bike may be too heavy to carry around.

That's where electric scooters can serve you.Of the four CRS tested, three have collapsible frames and are easy to carry, even if they are a little heavy.Even when folded, they are not suitable for overhead storage on buses or trains, but some effort can be made to erect them between the legs or stack them in wall-mounted luggage racks.Collapsible electric scooters can easily fit into most car freight areas, which could be a good solution for those who must park their cars outside their final destination.

There's also the potential for fun.Once you have a chance to drive on a smooth surface, whatever the pressure of carrying or storing a battery-powered electric scooter will disappear.

Electric scooters, if used safely, can be fast, portable, fun and a viable way to fill transportation gaps

Before you go out and buy an electric scooter, be aware that the rules vary from place to place.At the federal level, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration doesn't consider a seat-less scooter a motor vehicle, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission hasn't issued regulations for it, so there aren't any federal Safety requirements.But that hasn't stopped states and municipalities from regulating them.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently sparred with the state legislature over regulating electric scooters in New York City."We need clear laws and regulations that put the safety of riders and pedestrians first," Cuomo said in a January statement.

The legislature passed a law allowing electric scooters and bicycles, but the law regulates speed, bans them from the pavement and requires certain riders to wear helmets.Washington, DC, this year increased the number of electric scooters it will allow to be rented out in the country's capital without a dock.Like San Francisco.Austin, Texas,other cities are also actively involved in policing electric scooters, which appear to have appeared overnight without warning.

If the legality of electric scooters is still a gray area where you live, then you have a chance to ride in the wrong place and get a ticket.So make sure you study the rules.

If you're thinking of buying an electric scooter, you might want to consider a bike to ride.Keep in mind that most cities don't allow e-bikes or scooters to operate on sidewalks, although in many places, traffic-clogged streets are not safe for e-scooter drivers.Ideally, you will use a dedicated bike path.

Finally, take a look at the different electric scooter models to see which have the best Settings for you.In the model we tested, three had electronic brakes on the front wheels - two had disc brakes on the rear, one brake on the rear - and the fourth had only drum brakes.They behave differently and will no doubt adapt to different tastes and abilities.The way power is transferred varies, as does the range, speed, and portability.

Electric scooters, if used safely, can be fast, portable, fun and a viable way to fill transportation gaps

Wear a helmet

There are also safety considerations."Electric scooters have smaller wheels than scooters, which means they don't respond as well to bumpy surfaces," Deitrick says."The high centre of gravity and stubby handlebars also make scooters (whether electrify or not) less stable than bicycles, especially in urban environments."

Always wear a helmet when riding a scooter, especially one driven by an electric motor.A 2017 and 2018 UCLA study found that most electric scooter riders did not wear helmets, and 40 percent of the injuries recorded in the study were head injuries.

CR suggests that if you buy, or even rent, an electric scooter, you should wear a helmet.A CR survey of electric scooter injuries across the country found that injuries and deaths were on the rise, in large part because cyclists were unsure what safety precautions to take while riding.

A promising choice

Consumer Reports sees electric scooters as one of several promising new modes of transportation that offer a convenient, affordable way to get around and are more efficient than cars in densely populated areas.At the same time, safety must always be a priority and CR believes that more should be done to prevent people from being injured or killed when using electric scooters and similar products.

Electric scooters, if used safely, can be fast, portable, fun and a viable way to fill transportation gaps

"Policymakers need to make sure that everyone who USES our roads can do so safely," said William Wallace, consumer Reports' safety policy manager.He points out that more than 7,000 pedestrians, cyclists and other non-residents die each year in the United States."As more and more people come and use scooters, bicycles and other light vehicles to get around, it's vital that we maintain our laws and our infrastructure."

According to the Consumer Reports National Representative Survey [PDF], which surveyed 2,007 U.S. adults in September and October 2019, eight out of 10 Americans believe there should be a law governing where electric scooters can be used, such as on sidewalks or roads or bike lanes.Nearly three-quarters said they thought there should be a law on helmet use.Fewer people support these types of regulations among younger people and those who have used electric scooters in the past two years, especially those who cycle regularly.

How we test that

For all tests, a different test rider was used for each scooter to average performance differences due to changes in weight and riding style.For our tests, we used the highest speed level available.

The scope

We charged up the scooter batteries and rode the mountainous route on the test grounds.We made the most of the motor's power, and the circuit consisted of start-stop, full stretch, u-turn, long ascent and sharp descent.The score is based on how many miles each scooter has traveled before the battery runs out.

Electric scooters, if used safely, can be fast, portable, fun and a viable way to fill transportation gaps

Speeding up

We set the scooter at a fixed time, starting at a standstill and accelerating to a maximum speed.


We measured the distance required to stop from the highest attainable speed at the auxiliary or throttle.


We timed each scooter as it climbed a short, steep hill.

The results

The tests cover four models and range in price from $200 to $680.The three li-ion battery-powered commuter scooters have the longest range and highest top speed -- all three scooters reach a top speed of 15.5 MPH.The electric razor scooter for young riders weighs just 154 pounds;The other three hold 220 pounds.Powered by lead-acid batteries and a noisy chain drive, Razor has a top speed of just 12 MPH and no folding handlebars.Three commuter scooters have a button activation mode option that can be used to limit their maximum speed.