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Five safety tips for city scooter riders

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Nowadays, scooters have become popular in western countries, especially the legalization of electric scooters in The UK, which further promotes the advent of the era of scooter sharing. However, how to ride and use electric scooters safely?

Here are 5 safety tips to keep your streets safe.

  1. Wear a helmet

Get in the habit of wearing a helmet, just like you wear a mask when you go out.In this case, it means that skull fractures, concussions and other injuries can be minimized or even completely avoided if a helmet is worn.

Five safety tips for city scooter riders

  1. Remember, scooters are not bicycles

A scooter is a travel machine. It doesn't matter how skilled you are. It can make mistakes.So even if you're in good health and have been cycling your whole life, take the time to practice with your first scooter.Turning, stopping, braking and taking evasive action are tricky parts.Find an empty parking lot and practice accelerating, stopping at full speed, turning and other skills you should know before you hit the street.

  1. Avoid potholes

If you ride an electric scooter in New York City, potholes are as common as sewer rats.If you hit a pothole and have enough time, slow down, release the brakes, and turn around it smoothly and slowly.If there is no time or space to avoid potholes, brake as hard as you can before impact and then release the brake to allow the scooter to bear the brunt.

Five safety tips for city scooter riders

  1. Adjust the riding posture according to the goods

Most likely, electric scooters will be used for groceries, hardware and the like.If you have a side bag full of milk, soup cans, orange juice and other heavy items, it's like holding a dumbbell in one hand, and the ride is definitely affected.Slow down, pay attention to your balance and motor skills, and spend extra time at red lights or sharp turns.It's best to use a backpack so that all the extra weight is concentrated behind you, rather than tilting left and right.However, keep yourself balanced and adjust your riding posture wherever you start.

  1. Focus

It's not the helmet, safety equipment, ABS brakes or foot brakes.That's because the most important aspect of riding an electric scooter is awareness.It keeps your eyes open and develops the habit of anticipating danger and taking direct action to avoid it.So when riding an electric scooter, you must pay attention and never ride while playing with your phone.