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How will this folding electric bike change your commuting

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The e-bike industry is booming as more people seek solutions to congested cities.In Europe, e-bike sales have grown by more than 30 per cent a year for the past 12 years.

In a niche market, Alex Murray decided to start his own company, Flit."Folding e-bikes are a niche in the larger e-bike market, accounting for about 4 percent of sales, but even within that niche, hundreds of folding e-bike brands compete for market share."

How will this folding electric bike change your commuting

The e-bikes retail for $2,400 and above, and the Espin (with the quaint rhyme "Test Spin") is competitively priced.Aimed at the commuter market, this bike has a spacious saddle option where I can easily store locks and backpacks.It is clamped to the rear mounted luggage rack and can be easily dropped at the destination.

The control centre at the centre of the handlebar displays important data on a clear display: distance, speed and battery life.All wiring is waterproof so you can ride in the rain.Front row LED headlights have good safety;It may be easy to add the rear red light.In fact, With my headlights and back lights attached to my helmet, visibility is always a major goal for cyclists.

The removable lithium-ion battery (418 watt-hours) has a range of about 30 miles and can easily be charged on a wall for 4.5 hours.As with electric car batteries, there is a clear life cycle, in this case around 500 charges, which may take two to four years.The battery is locked in the frame to prevent theft.Espin also introduced the Sport model, which features a crossbar in a traditional diamond frame design.The Espin's aero-grade aluminum frame is lighter (about 48 pounds) than the average e-bike, which typically weighs more than 60 pounds.

It's a sensibly designed electric bike with a reasonable price that should speed up the trend for bike commuting.