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What are the brands of Shared motorcycles?How will electric bike sharing evolve in the future?

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With the booming development of the Internet and sharing economy, Shared motorcycles have begun to enter the public eye after their popularity on the streets of major cities.After the implementation of the new national standard policy in 19 years, the Shared electric vehicle industry has ushered in a new development opportunity, with huge development space and market potential.As an important supplement to the two-wheeled electric bike travel tool, the market value is further released.

With the continuous growth of vehicle ownership and the gathering of population, the problem of urban public transportation is increasingly prominent. Under the cultivation of bike-sharing market, the demand for 2-round trips of 3-10km is increased.Sharing e-bikes can avoid the problems and disadvantages such as the disorderly parking of Shared bikes and improve the user experience. It is dedicated to solving the travel within a distance of 2-10km, which is independent of the solution range of Shared bikes of 1km.

What are the brands of Shared motorcycles?How will electric bike sharing evolve in the future?
Shared bikes have been called "the next stage of differentiated competition for Shared bikes".After the solution of short distance travel, people are more and more interested in medium distance free travel, so it is a better choice to take a car instead of a car.Sharing e-bike has appeared in our life since the beginning. At present, there are national players such as Meituan, green orange, hello, pinecone, small honey, meogo, and some regional players such as mango and forever.

According to the report on The Safety Management of China's Shared Motorcycles by IMedia consulting, in the next five years, the demand of Chinese users for Shared motorcycles will be further stimulated, and the number of vehicles to be launched in 2025 will reach 8 million, with a revenue of 20 billion yuan.

The vehicle adopts GPS whole-course monitoring, which is further upgraded on the basis of GPS+ Beidou dual navigation and positioning system to further improve positioning accuracy, accurate to meter level, real-time positioning, anti-damage and anti-theft, and solve the problem of disorderly parking.In fixed-point fetch mode, the user needs to enable the vehicle in access Fence.To pick up the car, scan the code and unlock it; to return the car, fix the point and lock it through APP. Moreover, the car body has no physical lock function to ensure fixed-point access;With user guide function, the user can return the car within the parking spot with normal payment fee, and the car outside the parking spot with additional dispatch fee, and the car cannot be locked and returned within the forbidden zone.

What are the brands of Shared motorcycles?How will electric bike sharing evolve in the future?
A low-carbon and healthy lifestyle is also the common aspiration of the audience.Vehicle to sell electric cars are lighter than on the market, the mass less than 55 kg, at the same time have the function that electric bikes and bicycles, either power cycling (full charge state electricity rode 80 km), can also be artificial stepped on, satisfy the quick travel long distances, also can have the effect of physical exercise, to a certain extent, more in line with the trend of the modern people pursue health travel.

At the level of user safety construction, based on 20 cities + operation experience, the system construction is perfect.The vehicle uses a new large-capacity lithium battery, which can be recharged cyclically and has an effective range of 80km.As a product of the sharing economy in the new era, it has super vitality and vitality and is consistent with the vitality and passion of young people.At present, vehicles have covered more than 20 cities in China, with a total of more than 100,000 vehicles, including Changsha, Wenzhou, Jiujiang, Jinhua, Yichun, Yantai, Zhoukou, Chengdu, etc., with more than 4 million registered users, and the number is increasing rapidly.

E-bike sharing has become a new travel tool for the public. At present, one after another local city governments have introduced e-bike sharing projects, which are recognized by the government and liked by the audience. It is an inevitable trend.