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A big change in London’s electric scooter law

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London seems to be one of the first places in the UK where electric scooters can be legally used on the road.

Electric scooters were legalised on roads and pavements on July 1 following a change in the law.

However, it is still illegal to ride a private electric scooter on public roads.

Recent legislation allows companies and local authorities to launch a 12-month pilot scheme where legal electric scooters can be rented on roads.

On July 14th the Square Mile's council agreed in principle to a leasing scheme.

A big change in London's electric scooter law
"This is a timely opportunity to explore how electric scooters can play a role in supporting the transition to sustainable travel that complements New York City's walking, biking and mass transit modes," said Alastair Moss, chairman of the company's Planning and Transportation Committee.

"The safety and comfort of all who live, work and visit Square Mile is Paramount, so we will need guidance from the Department of Transport and the TfL to keep us happy before we start experimenting.

"Any final judgment will be strictly monitored so that we have complete confidence that the electric scooters employed can safely play their part in making the city fully accessible through sustainable transport."

Riders who rent electric scooters will need complete or temporary car, motorcycle or mopeds license plates and must be 16 years of age or older and be required to wear a helmet.

A big change in London's electric scooter law
Only electric scooters are allowed on the road, and the speed limit is 15.5 MPH, although the local speed limit may be lower.

Earlier this year, Edmund King, aa President, said the coronavirus pandemic was likely to increase demand for electric scooters as commuters opted for public transport.

Following today's decision, City Said it would create parking Spaces for electric scooters at the "square mile" site.This may force scooters to display their registration Numbers clearly and rental scheme operators to have adequate insurance.