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Xiaomi’s Himo H1 Foldable e-bike is available on IndieGoGo, starting at $469

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Xiaomi crowdfunded Himo H1 foldable e-bike on the Youpin crowdfunding platform.The product, produced by Shanghai Ximo, one of Xiaomi's eco-chain partners, is popular because of its small size.

The Himo H1 folding e-bike global crowdfunding campaign is now on IndieGoGo.The event will retail the e-bikes for a $469 Super early bird combo and a $499 early birdcombo.The foldable compact bike will retail for up to $699 outside of the crowdfunding campaign.

Xiaomi's Himo H1 Foldable e-bike is available on IndieGoGo, starting at $469

The main highlight of the Himo H1 e-bike is its compact foldable design, which weighs no more than A3 paper and only 13kg.The handlebars are adjustable to suit the height of the rider and feature soft non-slip pads.The handlebars are also equipped with a display panel with LED backlighting in the middle.The combination meter contains headlight switches, error alerts, travel speed and power switches.

It is powered by a hefty 7,500mAh portable battery and has a range of 30Km and a top speed of 18km/h.The bike is also equipped with high-performance LED headlights to provide a clear view at night.