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Superstrata unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed all-in-one electric bicycle

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Arevo is not a well-known name in the cycling world.But the Silicon Valley-based company is using its expertise in composite materials manufacturing and 3D printing to produce the world's first 3D-printed all-in-one electric bicycle.Today, Arevo will release two models under its newly created Superstrata brand.The Superstrata Terra is a lightweight simulator that can be customized for different riding styles.The Superstrata Ion is a class 1 electric bike with a 250W rear wheel motor, 252Wh battery and an expected range of 60 miles.Superstrata unveiled the world's first 3D-printed all-in-one electric bicycle
The frame is a one-piece thermoplastic carbon fibre, which means it is made as a single continuous component, rather than a dozen welded pieces like most bicycle frames.Superstrata says its thermoplastic use makes it extremely resilient to impact but extremely light in weight.Terra's frame weighs 2.8 pounds (depending on size) compared to Ion's 24.2 pounds.

3D printing can be expensive and labour-intensive, but Sonny Vu, chief executive of Superstrata, said it would make bike frames stronger, more durable and more customised designs, which would surely attract customers willing to pay extra for customisation.Customers can send their measurements and Superstrata will 3D-print the bike to the spokes.Each frame takes about 10 hours to create and the company claims it can create up to 250,000 unique combinations.

Superstrata unveiled the world's first 3D-printed all-in-one electric bicycle
Not everything is set in stone about Superstrata's supply chain.Vu is still in talks with battery and motor manufacturers to find the best deals for bicycle powertrains.The company's bikes are being pre-sold on Indiegogo, suggesting that this is just an experiment and could eventually be cancelled if there aren't enough sales.Crowdfunding product launches, especially for complex products like electric bikes, is harder than it sounds.Small crowdfunding workers can be delayed for months or years, and in some cases they won't ship at all.If the company decides to abandon the project, bike owners could be in trouble in terms of maintenance and repair.

Superstrata unveiled the world's first 3D-printed all-in-one electric bicycle
Superstrata's Terra starts at $2,799,while Ion at $3,999 and they can be pre-ordered for $1,799, starting in July and starting deliveries later this year.