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The electric scooter offers an additional 15% discount

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Starting March 19, you can save an additional 15% discount on Levy Plus electric scooters, just $594.99.

Any device that separates people from fossil fuel consumers and congestion-makers is a triumph for our book.But when it comes to these scooters, you may want to consider buying your own rather than renting.

First, you don't have to use a pack of antiseptic wipes every time, and you can keep your social distancing game strong.But even going offline has huge benefits.If you own it, you're more likely to understand how it works, which means fewer accidents and careless casualties.Also, don't try to litter the sidewalks when you walk in front of someone's house or business.While it's obviously much cheaper to rent a scooter (as little as 50 cents a minute), if you use it more often, it's cheaper per mile in the long run.

The electric scooter offers an additional 15% discount

Convinced?With a 350W motor and 700W peak power, the Levy Plus electric scooter takes you to a position where you need to travel at 18mph with zero emissions.It runs about 16 miles on a single charge, and if you run out of juice, you can easily replace the battery pack.That's right: it has a removable battery (but you'll have to buy an extra battery box).

How many blocks do you have to travel in the evening?No problem.It has both bright LED headlights and tail lights.There's also an on-board computer with an LCD display that tells you your speed and battery life, so you won't be stuck without a charge.

Due to the ante-body brake and a mechanical rear wheel brake.And, when you get to where you need to go, you can easily fold it up and put it indoors.You don't have to leave it on the side of the road.

The $799.99 cost may initially sound daunting, but at $699.99, you can get an additional 15% discount with the coupon code SPRINGSAVE15.That brought the price down to $594.99.