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The electric scooter is an environmentally friendly way to get around and the battery pack is replaceable

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Why do you drive if you don't have to?For many people, cars or trucks are the only viable way to get from one place to another.However, if your job, grocery store, and most major destinations are located in major areas of the city or suburbs and within a few miles of major attractions, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way is to park your car at home.

It's a lot more feasible than you might think, especially when you consider that the average car travel distance is actually less than six miles.

We suspect that you don't want to walk around, so the next best option is a fast, convenient mode of transportation that deals with short distance disturbances around town - which led us to Levy Plus electric scooters.

The electric scooter is an environmentally friendly way to get around and the battery pack is replaceable

Levy Plus is battery-powered and has a 16-mile range on a single charge for the simplest round-trip trip to a coffee shop, convenience store, doctor's office or a friend's home.

Powered by a 350W motor, you can be breezed anywhere you need to go at 18mph.When you're not using Levy Plus, it's super portable and you can fold it up and store it in a closet until you need it again.

But if you're worried about running out of juice on the road, Levy Plus is one of the only scooters in its category to have removable batteries.So if you find yourself out of juice, you can actually quickly replace a fully charged battery pack and move on without missing a beat.

Levy Plus also comes with bright LED headlights and taillights, so you can drive safely even in dark or nighttime conditions.

All of these features are enough to make Electrek, the ev blog, declare Levy Plus "the absolute winner...Stand out from the rest."And once you try it, we'll be surprised if you don't agree.

Currently, Levy Plus electric scooters are on sale for $699.99, $100 less than the normal price.But most importantly, you can also save 15% on your purchase by entering the code SPRINGSAVE15 at checkout time.This will reduce your final total revenue to $549.99.