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Here comes BMW’s new electric motorcycle, the R18, which launches in China on July 17th, to rival Harley’s

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Nowadays, we may rarely see motorcycles around us, and even if we do, they should be electric motorcycles. After all, after the previous "motorcycle ban", fuel motorcycles basically disappeared from the road.Therefore, some motorcycle enthusiasts will choose to ride electric motorcycles. Today, I would like to introduce a new car coming on the market, the BMW R18.

BMW's new electric motorcycle, the R18, which hits China on July 17th, is here to take on Harley.

BMW has announced that it will launch its new R18 electric motorcycle on July 17 next week.

The R18 is also based on competing models from Harley-Davidson. Let's take a look.

As an American cruise motor, it has two different styles. Bobber is used in the design. The engine is the shape of "boxer".The front suspension has a diameter of 49mm and is fitted with a telescopic fork and a hidden spoke wheel with a single shock absorber.

On the power side, the Boxer's two-cylinder engine is 1802cc, with a maximum output of 91HP and a peak torque of 152m.

In terms of electric control, the vehicle provides a set of auxiliary devices for cycling, including engine resistance torque control, ramp starting auxiliary system and switchable automatic stability control.

Overall, BMW's electric motorcycle is strong, and it's aiming to compete with Harley for the top spot in the American cruise car segment. I don't know if you think it can beat Harley?