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What are the requirements for electric vehicles to be legally on the road?

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Cheap, easy to drive, not afraid of traffic jams...Electric bicycle is favored by the general public for its convenience and other characteristics.However, over-standard electric vehicles are prone to traffic accidents and spontaneous combustion due to the reasons such as high speed,over-weight and low quality, and there are certain safety risks.

Many citizens are confused about which electric vehicles are non-motor vehicles and which are motor vehicles, leading to illegal riding without license.

What are the requirements for electric vehicles to be legally on the road?

How to buy electric bicycles in line with the standard and ride on the road legally?

In "3·15" consumer rights day, according to people's understanding erroneous zone in the electric vehicle, the reporter interviewed the director of the municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment DMV Yang Shanbin and third brigade under the municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment ogawa instructor training electric bicycles knowledges for the public to remind the general public to purchase in accordance with the national standard of electric bicycle, safe driving.

So let's start with non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles.

Non-motor vehicles refer to means of transport driven by human or animal power on roads, and means of transport such as motor wheelchairs and electric bicycles for the disabled, which are driven by power devices but meet the relevant national standards in terms of design maximum speed, empty vehicle mass and external dimensions.

A motor vehicle refers to a wheeled vehicle driven or pulled by a power device and driven on the road for passenger to use or for transporting articles and carrying out special engineeringoperations.

It can be seen from their definitions that electric bikes conforming to the national standard belong to non-motor vehicles, while electric three-wheelers, four-wheelers and "elderly vehicles" are included in the scope of motor vehicle management.

What are the requirements for electric vehicles to be legally on the road?

Electric tricycles, four-wheeled vehicles on the road

Get a driving license and a license plate.

According to Lian Xiaochuan, instructor of no.3 Brigade under the traffic police branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, in Yucheng district, thousands of electric tricycles and four-wheelers were found to be illegal on the roads in 2019.

In the process of investigating and dealing with traffic violations by the traffic police in Ya 'an, it was found that most of the citizens believed that "cars burning oil are motor vehicles, and those driven by electricity are non-motor vehicles.Electric tricycles and four-wheelers belong to electric vehicles and do not need a driving license..."But these are misconceptions.

The classification of electric tricycles and four-wheelies according to vehicle attributes shall belong to the category of motor vehicles and shall be included in the category of motor vehicle administration.The inclusion of motor vehicle management means that electric tricycles and four-wheelers purchased need to be registered, and drivers need to obtain relevant driving licenses, or they will be illegal to be on the roads.

Since the vast majority of electric tricycles and four-wheelers sold on the market now do not meet the standards, they cannot be licensed.And the driver did not get the relevant driving license, the traffic laws and regulations are not clear, in the urban streets, they drive electric tricycles, four-wheeled vehicles randomly scurrying, random turn, red light......It's very easy to cause traffic accidents.

In addition,since those electric cars cannot register,the drivers cannot buy relevant commercial insurance,so once there is any traffic accident they cannot manage a claim.

"Simple operation, need no driving licens and no registration..."Some unscrupulous businessmen to sell goods to consumers false propaganda.

The elderly vehicle is also in the scope of motor vehicle management,and drivers need to obtain the relevant driving license, and the vehicle should also be registered.

The public security organs will investigate and punish electric tricycles and four-wheelers that are not licensed or licensed.

Therefore, traffic police remind the purchase of electric tricycles and four-wheelers should be the application of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Road Motor Vehicle Production Enterprises and products" and listed in the model catalog of vehicles, and drivers need to obtain the relevant driving license.

The traffic administrative department of the public security organ shall not handle the registration of motor vehicle products that are not listed in the "Announcement", nor shall they drive on roads.

Manufacturers violate the rules to produce, sellers violate the rules to sell unqualified motor vehicle products, the general public also do not buy.

Under current law, people over 60 cannot get a motorcycle license.Therefore, elderly people over 60 years old are particularly reminded not to buy electric tricycles or four-wheelers, because even if they buy them, they cannot obtain the relevant driving license.According to the situation, buy in line with the standards of two - wheeled electric bicycles, after the license, comply with the traffic regulations safety travel.

What are the requirements for electric vehicles to be legally on the road?

Buy two rounds that conform to the "new GB"

After the registration of electric vehicles, comply with traffic regulations travel.

As of December 31, 2019, more than 170,000 e-bikes had been registered in the city, of which only 6,059 met the "new national standards," said Yang Shanbin, director of the vehicle control department of the traffic police branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

What is a standard e-bike?

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Technical Specification for Safety of E-bikes GB17761-2018, also known as the "new NATIONAL standard" for e-bikes, which was officially implemented on April 15, 2019.

According to the regulation, e-bikes must be capable of pedal-riding, with a total weight of 55 kilograms or less and a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

In addition, the "new national standard" of electric bicycles also on electric power, battery voltage, tamper-proof, fire retardant performance, charger protection and other aspects of specific technical requirements.

According to a guideline issued by Sichuan province on the implementation of the new national standard, e-bikes that do not meet the CCC certification requirements will no longer be registered after October 15, 2019.

Unlicensed electric vehicles on the road, the city's traffic police departments will be investigated and dealt with according to law.

How to buy electric bicycles and tricycles in line with new standard?

The first is to check the product specifications, judge whether the "new national standard", whether there is a product certificate.Check whether there is a CCC logo pasted on the car body and scan the QR code on the certificate.

Ask for a formal invoice, not a receipt, when you buy.If it is found that the purchased vehicles do not meet the national standards, consumers have the right to return or replace, but also to "12315" for complaints and reflection.If the merchants cheat the consumers, they can retain the evidence and take legal measures to protect their rights.

For the sake of their own safety and legitimate rights and interests, traffic police remind, the general public must buy electric bicycles in line with the standards, strictly abide by the traffic rules, responsible for their own and others' life safety, safe driving, safe travel.

How to deal with two - wheeled electric bicycle licensing?

To apply for the license plate of two-wheeled electric bicycle, you need to bring the original purchase invoice, the certificate of qualification, your legal and valid identity certificate or residence permit (residence permit is also required for temporary residents) and the vehicle that needs to be registered.