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Ninebot ES1L: A weight of only 11Kg, 20Km/h

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Ninebot ES1L was launched on July 10,with 20km/h typical speed and 20km typical range. The price is 1599 Yuan, 100 yuan deposit is worth 300 yuan, and the final price is 1399 yuan. Six periods of interest free Ious are supported.

Ninebot ES1L has an aero-grade aluminum alloy integral body with no visible center and an elegant black/vibrant orange color contrast design.

The body weight is 11kg and the load is 100kg.The new 8in support hollow out explosion-proof tires are special processed, high rebound, high shock absorption, no puncture, maintenance free.Ninebot ES1L is also equipped with a front shock absorber spring to reduce the bumpiness of the ride.It supports one-button folding, easy to put into the bike trunk, access to the elevator.

Ninebot ES1L uses the special brushless Hall motor.The peak value is up to 500W, the service time is up to 3000 hours, and the climbing ability is about 10°.

Customized high-quality lithium battery Honor 184Wh, IPX6 waterproof packaging process, BMS security technology, mileage up to 20km, with speed limit, standard, sports three modes to choose.

The front LED running light, effective irradiation distance up to 13.5 meters, dark light cycling can also be seen clearly.

The headlights adopt the light and dark cut-off line luminescence principle, and the light source focuses on the road without blinding, which is safer when the vehicles meet.